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PG 307: Done With Chick Fil-A

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Black dentists, Karen the movie, getting booster shots, podcast opportunities knocking, GoldBelly, listener feedback and pregame news.

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  1. fyahworks

    Hey guys, hope all is well!

    Rod I remember you mentioning the show upload on Amazon prime a while back, I really enjoyed that show and I just found out they are working on a season 2!

    Also this Sunday that final season of insecure starts! Will we be getting a this too much for that? I don’t know how you and bassey schedule is currently but it would be greatly appreciated!

    Lastly, the girl playing Monica is doing the damn thing man! Impeachment is really good! Just like the people vs oj was. Is it the same director? Because he really got something there

    You guys are the best

    Have a good weekend

    Fyahworks out

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