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BDS 417: Independency

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Jon Gruden, Kyrie Irving, Chuck Liddell arrested, Texas A&M fine for fans, Van Gundy mocks Kyrie, The Curry’s rumored divorce, Kanter wants Lebron to speak up, Ben Simmons hold out over, Lala Anthony discusses divorce, WFT places trainer on leave, Adam Schefter let’s sources edit their articles, WFT retiring Sean Taylor’s jersey, NJ Devils supporting Black owned business, La’el Collins tried it, boobs at the baseball games, Gymnastics stars calls for the ouster of US Olympic directors, Adrien Broner arrested again, LaVar Ball 895 new shoes, OJ Simpson speaks out on Gruden, Jordan Brand head admits to murder and Uh Oh! These niggas fighting!


  1. rodimusprime

    What up, niggas! I saw the pic Rod and Karen took at the Hornets game last night, and just wanted to ask y’all how it felt to be back in the arena again? Did you notice anything new about LaMelo and his game now that you’ve seen him play live? Did y’all see LaVar’s big head ass out there? They put him, Tina, and Gelo on TV so I know they were in there. I still haven’t been to a Hornets game, but I’d love to go some time. It seems like a lot of fun, especially with this group. I don’t know when I’ll make it out there for a game, but whenever that happens I’ll let y’all niggas know and maybe we can link up. Anyway, I’m out for now. Stay healthy, and safe out there. Justin, what up, nigga! Peace!

    L Brothers

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jick Rolovich,

    I hope all is well.

    Washington State’s head football coach Nick Rolovich got fired on Monday for refusing to get vaccinated. He spent months pulling a Kyrie; not answering why he wouldn’t get the shots. But Rolovich ain’t just get fired but fired *with cause*, which means Wazzu doesn’t owe Rolovich *any* of the roughly $11 million left on his contract. All he had to do was get vaccinated and instead he punted $11 million out a window. What a dumbass.

    The Cajun Cookie Monster got fired from LSU too, but at least Ed Orgeron gets all his money. Man won a national title and decided he belonged to the streets! Why be good at your job when there’s hoes afoot? Do y’all think Oregeron’s parking lot pimping is gonna change now that he doesn’t have a job to distract him?

    Browns play Denver tonight and will probably lose cuz everyone is hurt. But you know what? I never thought there’d come a day where the Browns would be good enough for injuries to matter! Folks back home were big mad when the Browns lost to the Chargers, like they ain’t a *great* team and Cleveland wasn’t competitive. Y’all, this team is *competent* and *competitive*. We’ve never had it this good as Browns fans!

    The Sixers ain’t gonna lower that asking price for Ben, are they? So Ben just gonna keep coming to practices and moping in falsetto? What old Drake song y’all think Ben had playing in his head during practice? And if being useless in practice is “conduct detrimental to the team”, then they should’ve voided his contract when he passed up putting that shot over Trey Young!

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks as always for the great shows!




    What up Rod, Karen & Jackson Jahomes.

    Now I see why Patrick is throwing more interceptions at his current rate than he’s ever had. It isn’t him trying more harder, after losing Super Bowl 55, his receivers causing dumb INTs or fumbles (he’s thrown his share of dumb INTs too), it’s his Tik-Tok obsessed brother, looking dumber than a Hotep, telling us to get on an Alkaline diet. Whether or not, Washington had you place yourself in an area while the Sean Taylor jersey retirement was going on, next to porta potties, it’s pretty clear he can’t help but be amongst trash. Patrick has an interesting family, man. His wife is probably the least problematic & I don’t even know if that’s a sure thing, because she be wanting the smoke on Instagram. Mom’s a Trumper & his brother’s high on that Tik-Tok hog acting stupid. Patrick Mahomes is gonna go off on his family, someday,
    like Clark Griswold went scorched Earth in Christmas Vacation, cuz he didn’t get that bonus.

  4. fyahworks

    Good day Rod , Karen, & Ben Jimmons

    In the words of the Philly legend, Allen Iverson:

    “We talking bout practice??”

    The way Ben is disengaged and disconnected like a phone in an elevator is sad! There’s gotta be a better way to handle this situation to get traded. Talks are, Philly asking price is too high! And in the meantime Ben’s stock is starting to take a dip.

    The funniest part of this all is how doc and Joel and be talking out both sides of their mouth when it comes to him! One min they saying they want him there and need him! Then Joel said after practice, “I don’t care about that man” !!

    Meanwhile Ben is moving like “ I don’t give a fuck about athletics…… FUCK SPORTS”

    You guys be good!

    Fyahworks out

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    I know it would be controversial, but I love the “Uh-OH, these niggas is fighting” segment. I’d lobby for a shirt if I were brave enough to wear it in public.

    I swear to goddess, I wouldn’t have known Jon Gruden from a can of paint until these emails surfaced. Now, I can’t get enough. What he said is not funny. It’s disgusting. However, I laugh because he let the chopper fly. Every body was getting a piece of that ism/phobia. He’s the king of “White People Wilding” mountain in my book, right now.

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin,

    Thanks again for a hilarious yet poignant episode. I was pleased to hear about the NJ Devils highlighting black businesses. I am a member of Black Girl Hockey Club. We created a Get Uncomfortable campaign for all entities and stakeholders to disrupt racism on and off the ice. We have been successful in getting several teams to take the Get Uncomfortable pledge. A journalist, club member, and a friend of mine, Jashvina Shah, has co-written a book entitled Game Misconduct: Hockey’s Toxic Culture and How to Fix It. It looks like football could take some cues from this book too. Racists are so endemic to every U.S. institution that you don’t have to follow hockey to get something out of this book.

    I have found that the most responsive hockey clubs to deal with so far are the Devils, Kraken, Penguins, and Maple Leafs. The Hurricanes were doing great until they hired Tony De Angelo, who loves doing racist, Trumpy stuff out loud-so much that the Rangers put him on waivers due to his behavior. He isn’t even that good. I am sure those triflin’ Negroes that defended Gruden would coon hard for him too if they were aware of him. It strikes me that I am tired of people falling back on “How can I know what is in his heart? How can I know if he is really racist if he wasn’t mean to me.” First of all, I need these fools to realize that racism isn’t about people being mean to them personally. It’s about causing harm. It’s about doing racist things, acting, and moving like a racist. That should be enough-firing or punishing these people shouldn’t require looking into their shriveled racist hearts to ascertain whether they meet their wacky version of racist. I am so tired of their coon shenanigans.

    Thanks for an awesome episode and for all that you do to educate folks about the Rona and the vaccines!


    • rodimusprime

      Oops, I forgot. The LA Kings are also pretty good. Blake Boulden, a retired black woman hockey player with an 87 mph slapshot, is a Scout and Growth and Inclusion Specialist for that team. She will also be reporting on the NHL on ESPN.

      As always, she is continuing the tradition of Black folks showing up and showing out. One thing I can count on is she won’t be cooning like those football commentators.


      PS: They don’t want you to know but Black players in the Colored Hockey League invented the slapshot and the butterfly stop (where the goalie drops to his or her knees to stop the puck). The NHL didn’t even allow those types of techniques for a long while.

      Okay, I am really done now. Thanks for the great show!

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