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2431: More On Gruden And Chappelle

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Been meaning to write in for awhile but keep forgetting, but I think yall mentioned how strict Covid restrictions are in Australia and boy do I have a story for yall. I have a friend that works at a company that rhymes with smamazon and Daddy Bezos had him fly out to Australia on business like a month ago. Let me tell you that Australia was not playing! You had to come in with a negative covid test, soon as you land, they put you on a bus with armed security to a hotel room for ur 14 day isolation. you cannot leave the hotel room without being fined 5k dollars. they drop off food to the front of ur room. they knock. u gotta wait like 1 minute after the knock to open the door and pick up the food. ur not allowed to leave the room, they dont even give you a room key so if you walk out the room you locked out. And mannn my friend was stuck like that with just a switch and his phone for 10 days just for Daddy Bezos and smamazon to cancel the business meeting in Australia. so he then had to tell Australia who basically shipped him back to the airport under guard supervision and they supervised you until you boarded up your flight. When I tell you they were not playing! My god! and you had to pay the hotel room fee. which is hella expensive! Luckily his company covered it, but god damn. Meanwhile in the US we just let folks walk in flash a quick test and they out in these streets raw dogging the air and spreading covid. Truly the ghetto!!!

    Also something else I wanted to add about some of the things im hearing from family who are in Africa right now. They’re having a hard time innoculating people there not just because of access, but even folks who have the money/access to the vaccine aren’t taking it because theyre falling for the same conspiracy theories we are here. Luckily my grandfather and most of my relatives are vaccinated with the Pfizer(thanks Joe!) but I have 2 holdouts in my family and they be spewing the same shit Hoteps are in the US. They are saying its a mind control device by Europeans/white people to take over or sterilize Africans. So that misinformation and hesitancy is being exported expiditiously! Damn shame.

  2. rngulledge

    I completely agree that it is the black parents’ responsibility to make sure their mixed child is grounded in their blackness. I’m black and the majority of the men in my family made a conscious decision to marry &/or have children with nonblack women. (I know this was on purpose because they’ve all made comments about not liking black women). I worry the most about my cousin’s daughter, Sienna. She’s a sweet kid but her mom is a racist Asian woman that married a fellow trump supporting white man when she and my black cousin got divorced. Sienna lives with her racist mom (who has primary custody) and stepdad in Orange County, CA where she is surrounded by mostly white people that are also very racist. Between being raised by a racist mom and stepdad and a black father who happens to be a cop that makes a point to post a defense of the police every time an unarmed black person gets shot, I worry Sienna is being molded into another Sage Steele or Stacey Dash. The rest of our family lives in Chicago so the only contact she has with a black person is usually just her father.

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