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2432: Mediocre Blackness

Rod and Karen are joined author Howard Bryant to discuss Kyrie Irving, Blackness in sports / journalism, celebrity, his upcoming book on Rickey Henderson and Tony Stark. We then cover Coronavirus News, why Cardi stopped talking politics, Hooters news short shorts, Netflix fires employee, Simpson fans arrested, the semen stabber gets convicted, a Wendy’s manager arrested for pouring oil on customer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. mgotell

    You guys hit the nail in the head when you were talktalking about people not wanting to hear from expert black people. The thing that made me get vaccinated was watching a black doctor talk about it on a covid special that Tyler Perry produced and hosted. The doctor broke everything down about how it was made and what exactly it does when it enters your body. She even spoke about the black doctors who played a crucial part in making the vaccine. I appreciate how Tyler did it, he let it be known that he was unsure his damn self but he sat back and listened to the smart black woman. We would be better off if we admit that we dont know anything and shut up and listen to the smart MEDICAL professionals.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    Rod on the Tennessee Wendy’s Story: Not saying it’s right, but how did he say that food was cold?

    Me, thinking: Rod, asking the important questions because I am thinking the same thing. LMAO.

    Why I love TBGWT.

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