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BDS 418: Simmo The Savage

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ben Simmons saga continues, Sean Taylor dedication goes bad, Richard Sherman gets owned on Twitter, Nick Rolovich fired for not getting vaxxed, Ed Orgeron macking, Jeff Pash, Cam is vaxxed, Urban Meyer saga continues, Mario Edwards Jr sued, Allison Williams out at ESPN, Evander Kane suspended for fake vax card, Kazee arrested for DWI, The Chicago Sky mock Taurasi, DeShaun Watson’s trade demands, Mya G at the Chargers game, former Patriots player guilty of scamming, Aaron Rodgers slams PC Woke culture, Deion Sanders has Brittany Renner a speaker, China pulls Celtics games off the air, Kyle Kuzma throwing shade, Brandon Goodwin vaccine comments, Kyler Murray, KAT demands good reasons for avoiding vaccine, Nick Kyrgios cheating, Black condom company sponsors college player, Mav’s work culture and Uh Oh These Niggas Fighting!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jyrie Irving,

    My eyes got big as shit this weekend when I saw a headline say that Floyd “All Hook, No Phonetics” Mayweather *read* a support statement for Kyrie Irving. Karen, you’ve talked before about how online articles ain’t got no editors and it doesn’t get more damning than stating Floyd can read. Floyd spelling his name on a sheet of paper probably looks like the shape up options at a Black Republican barbershop. Of course a boxer who is unwinfeated versus the legal system and alphabet is cosigning Kyrie’s dangerous nonsense. Between Kyrie and Dave Chappelle, headass cishet Black men are having a fantastic tap dancing moment in the sun.

    Have a good weekend y’all and thanks for the dope shows as always,


  2. fyahworks

    Hey Rod, Karen, Justin .J. watt

    Talking bout can’t catch a break! Jj comes to a fully loaded Arizona team which is 7-0 to start this season, and boom shoulder season ending surgery is looming! Perhaps it maybe time to hang it up

    In other nfl news, the Nfl is upping the ante of the Rooney rule to a sit down with Atleast 2 negros instead of the minimum of one! Maybe it’s me, but it feels like a distraction from them wft emails!

    So the nba is making a big deal with this nba 75! And boy was there talk over that list! Now Rod I know u not into list like that but do you feel anyone if there don’t deserve it right now? Because in most people opinion, there was definitely snubs! I really don’t know the criteria but these things always come down to opinion and make for good barbershop talk!

    And lastly, last week we was talking about “conduct detrimental to the team” I was wonder what exactly is that? Or is it a grey area where it means something different to every team!

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

  3. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Karen, and Jark Davis,

    Raiders owner Mark Davis think he slick. He’s trying to pull a fast one.

    The nfl first stated that they would not be releasing the results of the investigation into the Washington Football Teams multiple scandals/incidents/etc.

    Then the news organizations started putting out stories on the Bruce Allen emails they got leaked to them, which rightly got Jon Gruden up out the paint. They thought it was over then the Jeff Pash emails came out.

    Then the NFL tried to “wrap it up B” by stating they didn’t find anything from any CURRENT employees that were on the level of the Gruden emails.

    Who gets to judge that? They got that one black red going under the hood to read the emails?

    Then the US House of Representatives Oversight announced that they’re going to look into this investigation and the emails.

    Some of the members on the oversight committee: Jamie Raskin (trump 2nd impeachment manager), AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Katie Porter, and Cori Bush to name a few.

    So now all of a sudden Mark Davis thinks there should be a written report and that should suffice and keep Congress out of it.

    This bamma is doing the equivalent of: You know what mom and dad, I was out of control and I think I’m going to punish myself. No video games for a week for me. No need to grab the belt. I think I need time to reflect on my actions.

    Anyway, love the show. Keep up the great work.





    Thank you,


  4. rodimusprime

    What’s Rod, Karen, and J Meyer,

    How this nigga Urban Meyer gonna lie on his grandkids? This man went to a bar in Ohio to get white girl twerked on by some coed. At this point it almost seems like he is pathological but no matter how sick of his lies we are. I know his wife gotta roll her eyes everytime this nigga open his mouth. I wonder how many times this man say he going to store to get almond milk knowing damn well they got a full bottle in the fridge and he don’t drink almond milk. I think the thing that is most upsetting which I am surprised I haven’t seen from black journalist is that this man got a NFL head coaching job but yet black coaches still can’t get hired. Also I haven’t seen the Sage Steele video because I mean we all know her movies at this point. I will say I do find it funny that the wokes who don’t like Obama because he wasn’t “black” enough have something to say about her comments. Which is funny because they don’t see the hypocrisy in their own stance because both sides agree on questioning Obama’s blackness. Also I do question ESPN because their response was wack as fuck. Not only what she said was racist but she definitely pulled the Dave Chappelle whore uniform bit. Which I think goes to show how much Me Too has lost its steam because I don’t know how you say that a couple years ago and don’t get reprimanded more than what she did. Also on Lebron and Draymond playing the fence when it comes to vaccine. It’s total bullshit and my reason is this. Being a person who works in Healthcare the vaccine is a social justice issue and specifically for Lebron who has decided that social justice is his fight it is disheartening that he is riding the fence on this. He does have the right to do what wants but it is wack because he makes it a point to show he is the leader in the league. As a leader sometimes you got to do the hard thing and it’s just sad that he won’t when it comes to the vaccine. Anyways love the show as always and sorry if this was long.


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