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TNO 176: Fear Of A Black Hobbit

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Shanna discuss listener feedback, entertainment, controversy on the set of CW’s Batwoman,  DC FanDome, Y The Last Man cancelled, console shortage could last until 2022, most searched term on Bing, Letitia Wright accused of disrupting movie, Accessibility Game Database, PS5 game trials, Saga is back, Black hobbits, Sophia the android wants a baby, woman wakes up to space rock in her bed, robot police, Jon Kent is bisexual, Netflix Wal-Mart merchandise, Switch Online expansion, MCU movies being delayed, Mel Gibson will star in John Wick TV show, Jason Mamoa injured while filming Aquaman 2, Activision lawsuit, RE4 VR takes out inappropriate content, Haunted Chocolatier, Facebook changing company name, Sony patents “benching” players, Xbox expansion storage, Xbox Series X getting native 4K dashboard and Hayden Christensen reprising role as Anakin.


  1. Felix

    Hi Y’all, Felix here. Enjoyed last episode as usual, was nice hearing Shanna and Aaron again. Very excited for this episodes guests! Ya boi’s about to start a new job now that I’ve completed work on both anime I was working on. Gonna be fun seeing how y’all feel about the ending of Mushoku Tensei season 1. The most recent 2 episodes were the best of the series so far so excited for everyone to enjoy that final stretch of this season.

    While on the topic of fantasy shows, have you guys seen any of the promos for Amazon’s Wheel of Time show? I heard from friends it’s good so I started the audiobooks but it’s a very long audiobook lol. Excited to see the show seeing as it has some black folks in it (I heard about it last year because white people on the internet were mad black people were cast in this lol) and for Rosamund Pike who just happens to be one of my favourite white women in the game (though the wig they have her in is pure struggle haha). Hopefully it’s good because I am in desperate need of a good live action fantasy show while waiting for Henry Cavills Ass in leather pants to come back.

    Onto important bendis news, I was so excited when I heard bendis was writing some new legion of superheroes content. While I’m slightly disappointed it’s not a continuation of his series as of yet, it’s gonna be fun seeing Justice League Vs The Legion of Superheroes! I can’t wait to see these big teams interact. Thinking back the legion has not interacted with them a lot being they’re future heroes so this will be an interesting crossover.

    Lastly on comics, Al Ewing’s venom is starting soon so I started reading Cates venom to get caught up. I’m somewhat of a hater so I haven’t read a lot of Cates’ work haha. Don’t ask why I just really do not care for that style of writing. It’s also why I can’t get into Tom king no matter how hard I try. I’m more of a bendis/Hickman/Ewing guy. I don’t care about venom but I enjoyed everything Ewing writes so I’m gonna give it a shot.

    Lastly on the big Disney plus reveals from today, my main takeaway was I am happy as fuck Disney are giving Agatha harness her own show. I love her in wandavision (I don’t know what’s gotten over me but that white woman was doing some things for me lol). Then there was the shehulk glimpses. The CG looked pretty good. Though we mostly only saw some muscular legs, I’ll wait until we see how the CG for the abs is before I start complaining. Moon knight I know nothing about so I can’t really comment but Ms Marvel had me a little worried. I was hoping we’d at least see a glimpse of her powers but they are really holding back on footage for that. The proud family looked really nice too, they vastly improved the compositing and the animation while using rigs like Rick and Morty, was using those good 2d rigs so you can hardly tell so far. Can’t wait to see what they do with it. Lastly I am excited to see the new X-Men cartoon. While o would have preferred a new one with a fresh start, I hope they can adapt some good modern stories in X-Men 97. Not just stuff for the old folks haha. I’m glad we’re finally gonna see it especially with who the animation staff is looking to be. From what I saw so far Jeremy Polgar is on board, he helped out on black dynamite, motorcity some anime and some other nice looking adult swim stuff. We’re in for a treat.

    Lastly I have not yet launched my horny art twitter account but y’all will be the first to know when I start posting the bare midriff buff men and woman haha. Love y’all, Felix out.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Nerd Off Crew,

    As one of tens of people who actually had a Windows Phone until 2015, I have used Bing alot. I updated phones after I got tired of having to manually open Mobile IE (yes, Mobile Internet Explorer) so I could see gifs from Twitter actually move. Chile, it was the goddamn ghetto. Anyway, Bing has another use than indignantly searching for Google: Bing can search videos and ignore the DMCA. That’s it.

    I’ve played and owned almost every Grand Theft Auto, going all the way back to the first one and as a kid dreamed of what it’d be like to play that kinda game online. And now as an adult, I get to see a generation bond over the dream of Rockstar releasing GTA 6; cuz Rockstar released a janky remaster of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas before even hinting at GTA 6. I was gonna cop it but remembered that there ain’t no extra prize for being early to a game, especially a buggy one. I guess Fallout 76 taught me something useful after all.

    I have been enjoying Far Cry 6 and bringing freedom to the country of not-Cuba, although I got a passive aggressive email from Ubisoft after i played other games for a few days, with Giancarlo Esposito’s disappointed face looking at me like I was tap dancing outside Sal’s Pizzeria. Are they the first company to do something like this?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the hot fiyah shows!



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