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2437: The Justice League Of Black Dads

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, LGBTQ News, Dads On Duty, Insecure AKA controversy and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Dads on duty is such a heart warming story. I pray that don’t start doing interviews and we find out they’re hotels or have some fucked up respectability ideas. Please lord let these dudes be as pure as they seem.

    • EvieE

      Sorry I meant hoteps but autocorrect won’t let me be great

  2. Blk_Caesar21

    Hey Karen and Rod,

    I was working out of town and had a 7 hour drive back home, so I said let me check out this Southlake podcast you keep talking about. I ended up binging it and by the time I pulled in my driveway I was on ten! Got in the house and tried to cool out a bit…I keep hearing you and Randolph (3GO) talk about Ted Lasso being a funny show so I checked out the first ep, and ended up binging the rest of the season through the weekend. By Sunday night, I was still mad about Southlake and scheduling an appointment with my therapist after the anxiety/panic attack story line on Ted Lasso hit too close to home. Thanks for ruining my weekend…just playing. Thanks for the recommendations, and I really hope they do additional follow ups on Southlake. The way that principal disrespected that student who was trying to get her fellow classmate to stop using the “N Word” still makes my blood boil…I don’t even think Dads on Duty could fix that school. Love y’all and love the show…

  3. Bad-Biscuit

    Dave Chappelle’s stand-up is tone-def. As a middle-aged lesbian, I was tone-def around trans issues too. I thought I knew everything because I am of the LGBTQ community. My arrogance kept me from understanding what my trans brothers and sisters were going through.

    On a separate note, I reflected upon how terrible the white LGBTQ community has been around race. We black folks (myself and family/friends) from the LGBTQ community have had many racist experiences with the white LGBTQ community. There’s a joke that half of white LGBTQ folks will go republican as soon as they have equal civil rights (like the cis-hetero-white women did). Chappelle would not know about any of this. Racism within the community is real, but that went over Chappelle’s head because, according to him, queer people are only white.

  4. bamil73

    How many times has one of these dads snatched an iPhone from an unsuspecting kid, surveyed the spotify playlist they were listening to and asked “watchoo know ’bout “

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    Maybe I’m just an old Gen Xer, I’m just wondering why people would think these dads are doing something wrong? Is it because they’re men?

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