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TTM 79: Reunited, Okay?!

Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod and Bassey,

    I hope this message finds you well. I just have to say how grateful I am that people acted such a fool about Tiffany’s AKA gear. I think that’s the only reason I ended up feeling like I was kicked in the gut when Issa and Lawrence had what Bassey is calling their “Quiet Place” break-up. I couldn’t believe it!!!

    In other words, avoiding spoilers was crazy easy because the social media discussions are so ridiculous. I’m gonna try to stay current for the rest of the season, though. No need to press my luck!

    Thanks for these conversations!
    Koritha (@ProfKori)

  2. rodimusprime

    First of all, so glad to have you two back. It is so good to hear you guys provide insightful feedback on my favorite tv shows. I really miss you doing This is Us and maybe you will have a change of heart recap the last season.

    Anywho, let’s get to the episode. I’m very curious about your thoughts about how Issa handled the situation with Crenshawn. Both of you are creatives and I wonder if you have had to stifle your creativity so it becomes more tolerable for whites? I’ve heard other podcasts say that Issa should’ve stood with the artist but I’m not sure if that would’ve been the right move either.
    It did work out for her and Crenshawn’s benefit because ol boy LOVED IT (proving the point that white ppl don’t know what they want) but what if that shit would’ve blown up in her face?
    That could’ve cost her everything she built. Would Crenshawn have been worth the risk?

    Secondly, I think Issa looking at the moon (at the end of her event) was a callback to the car ride with Lawrence. I think that prompted her to text Nathan but did she notice something else in her phone? Photos of Lawrence and Condola’s baby?

    Next, Issa can play the hell out of awkward. That mid-mouth kiss and cry was perfect. I laughed so hard but it was completely unexpected. It is going to be interesting when they revisit them. I wonder if they are going pickup the following week with these two at Nathan’s 1 year event.

    This is getting kinda long so I’ll wrap this up.

    Quioa is a fantastic character. Her scanning Molly with that wand? Hilarious.

    Peace out,

  3. Mdiarra

    Whats up Rod and Bassey,
    Not gonna lie at first when Bassey said someone died I was like pshhh yall play too much this ain’t that type of show. But now that Ep 2 happened I think it might be even more likely. Cause the way Molly was hounding her parents about their estate planning, and the way Issa burst out crying during that meetup with Nathan. They both seem to be going through something, and it may not just be because Issa is missing Lawrence.

    ALSO where was Tiffany and Kelly at Issa’s showcase. I feel like those type of events they all show up together but we only saw Molly. Maybe im reading too much into it but now im convinced somebody died.

  4. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod & Bassey

    So glad you two are back reviewing Insecure and I just had to agree with y’all that the premiere episode definitely felt like a season 4 finale and episode 2 of season 5 did feel little closer to a premiere episode. Thank god for the flash forwards because it is so great seeing Molly & Issa get their friendship back on track ! It really makes a huge difference on the show when those two are in-sync with one another.

    I’m ctfu at the actress who played their former Stanford classmate who sets them up to get robbed . That same actress is on one of Tyler Perry ‘s shows “ The Oval “ and shoutout to her for getting cast on Insecure #Tylerbehelping , she was hilarious!

    On episode 2 – shoutout to Molly trying to change up her ways and hold herself accountable! Accountability is totally ok but I hope she doesn’t go overboard with it and understands it’s ok to be human and say no sometimes too . Also it was great seeing Issa accomplish her goals and her career truly come to fruition. I know her crying was awkward as hell but I understand it – she was probably scared she would lose what she worked so hard for. Hopefully that closes the door on Issa and Nathan being together romantically. Because yes it’s Lawrence who she should end up with in the end lol

    Thanks again Rod & Bassey


  5. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod and Bassey it’s great to have y’all back in these recap streets. You guys recap of Insecure is top 3 in my book, right after my recap show and right before InsecuriTea. But seriously tho, on y’all Season 5 Premier episode i gotta give it up to the star of the episode, Karen. The way she busted out laughing at your condom joke had me rewinding the show like 10 times. I love you guys perspectives on the different scenes, there’s always a view that i didn’t see. Oh and Bassey, i agree with you on the episode,the first time i watched It I didn’t really love it either. Y’all keep up the great work.

    B-Eazy from The DJ Blaze Radio Show Podcast

  6. rodimusprime

    Rod, Bassey,
    Glad to have y’all back…feedback just for the review show…

    The REAL problem of the S5E1: Molly’s wig. What in the Tyler Perry Early Years Collection hell was that? It was a couple millimeters off of her head! After all the good they have given us for four seasons, all the fashions they gave Molly! They put her in an ‘all my friends are white and I use Pert Plus’ wig! That is what the timeline should have exploded over! It was uncalled for, offensive and aggressively violent against Black women!

    That other shit…

    The woredrobe people used the actress’s hair is covering the shield. For that reason, the D9 (cus it wasn’t just the members of the org in question), folks were over the top! Maybe they were young and haven’t ever seen this done before. When I saw what appeared to be an internal sorority document posted online to prove the show didn’t have permission, I was past done. * sigh * As for the cup on Molly’s desk, maybe the loophole there is that the letters are arguably alphabets and an achronym for ‘Also Known As’. School Daze and Dif ‘Rent World got to show full letters and symbols because the rules evolve with the times…but don’t expect the rules to ever allow Mercedes to approach the pole on P-Valley in her line jacket.

    I understand non-members not getting it. But a lot of their response was an opportunity to express the vitriol they already had for Amanda or D9 orgs. Still, non-members should understand the anger IF trademarked items were used without permission. Still, that’s a big IF.

    Yes, I say this all as a fully financial member of another D9 org, for a whole 25 years.


    Ms. Smart

  7. rodimusprime

    Great episode. Two quick points: 1) Tiffany said she was going to an AKA event so she’s for sure a member. Not sure why people are freaking out about this.

    And 2) Why didn’t Lawrence go to the reunion? They all went to school together. Seems like an odd choice for him to stay behind.

    Thanks and looking forward to the next recap!


  8. BMont

    As a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., I paid a lot of attention as to see if they were going to show Tiffany wearing the full set of letters. I did not see any situation where that happened. So I guess ppl are upset because they have their own feelings about it all. ‍♂️ Also, I am aware of a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. that was a writer for Insecure and very aware of the respectability behind anyone’s Greek Letters.

  9. thatTish

    Hey y’all! Just wanted to comment before I have an ADHD attack and look up to see that it’s a week later and you’re already recording the next episode.
    It’s good to see y’all back together reviewing again!

    Bassey might be right about someone dying, and she skipped over the more favorable candidate… Coriander herself. If they’re gonna spend the season giving the Bitter Twitter gang what they’ve been having thumb wars with their keyboard over, they might as well kill Cortisone. Issa can get back with Lawrence and not have direct baby mama drama. When the angry tweets about them making Issa a stepmother to Cucamonga’s baby pop up, fuck em.

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