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BDS 419: The Top 75 NBA Dicks List

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Suns owner in trouble, Yaya Mayweather facing 20 years, Brittany Renner claps back, Frank Clark gets additional gun charge, Simon Biles still scared to do gymnastics, Richard Jefferson vs Balls Boy, Tom Brady’s 600 TD ball, Zach Wilson’s mom anti-vax, Delonte West struggling again, Urban Meyer cotume, Jon Gruden says Bezos buying WFT, drunk fan tries to get in Ravens’ booth, Derek Carr want us to forgive Gruden, antivax reporter lands new gig, Kyrie protestors, Lebron yells at Cam Payne, Stephen A Smith thirsting over Iggy Azalea, Abella Danger at the baseball game, retired NFL players sentence in medical fraud, Squad Game director mad at Lebron, Kyle Beach reveals he was John Doe in sexual assault investigation, Stan Kroenke renegging, Cal McNair racism, James Harden not getting calls, Favre pays back MS but not interest, Brittany Matthews makes history, DK Metcalf put on blast for wanting foursome, Patrick Chung charge with domestic violence, Enes Kanter keeping it REAL AF, Kyrie Irving NBA 2k22, Kwame Brown hating on AD, Gonzaga Coach DUI, Mayweather rejects photo with teen boy, boxer kills bear, Jon Gruden buy out and Christiano Ronaldo expecting twins.


  1. chubbzero

    What up rod, Karen and jhubbzero. After all that shit I talked about the Washington football team in the past and their racists ways, I should have been talking about my damn self! See, the Atlanta braves done fucked around and won the world series and while I have to admit, I haven’t been following them until the postseason this year, it’s something about winning it all that makes a nigga interested! I’m happy for 3rd base coach Ron Washington and the city of Atlanta but I do feel some type of way about that offensive ass tomahawk chop. Trying to watch the game and the ypippo break that out and I just smh! Even that punk ass Donald Trump had to get in on it at the game last Saturday. I feel the same way longtime braves fan bomani jones does on this topic. He said he’s glad that they didn’t win it in Atlanta . I agree with that 100 percent. Alright. See y’all later!

  2. Mdiarra

    Sup Karen, Rod, and Jorbert Sarver
    After reading that Expose on Robert Sarver on ESPN I wanna be mad but my god this nigga was terrible. This man really said these niggas need a nigga when it came to hiring a Black coach. On the one hand, a nigga got a job. But on the other hand, god damn that was racist.

    Not gonna lie though I would love to buy a “These Niggas need a nigga” shirt.

  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and Jaron Rodgers,

    Man this nigga Aaron Rogers done lied about his vaccine status. What’s crazy is in all the press conferences he has had this nigga ain’t wore not one mask. So my question is if the league and team knew he wasn’t vaccinated then what was up with the protocol? Also all the shit Cam got for not getting the vaccine atleast that nigga stood in his wingding truth. But Rodgers to me is way worse because he lied about it. I’m not sure what the fallout will be because if anything the NFL is known for it ain’t integrity. Also that whole Henry Ruggs story is heartbreaking. It’s crazy because it’s it’s perfect twitter fight story because folks act like any empathy for Ruggs is an offense to the loss of life. But in reality my heart breaks for him because I know he made a mistake that cost someone their life but also my heart hurts for the family of that young woman too. It does make me wonder with these DUI cases in these leagues why is car service they provide not utilized. On a lighter note when the Browns going to free OBJ? And do yall think it’s a situation almost like Simmons with the sixers? But as always love the show.


  4. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod Karen, and to avoid a too soon Henry Ruggs joke, J NFL. Man it has been a wild week in the NFL between crime time and covid, I bet Goddell is longing for the time when Urban was at the bar risking it all. Let’s talk about Aaron Rodgers. Did he spend the offseason hanging with Joe Rogan and Dave Chapelle? Because he has been sounding more and more like the run of the mill libertarian. now it comes out that he is antivaxx too. He’s out here raw dogging the air, being unvaxxed turning Packers practices and games into super spreader gatherings, but accuse his front office of not trying to win? Make it make sense to me. As always peace

  5. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod, Karen , jenry Ruggs

    Please insert Ray Lewis clip here!

    So the curse of Jon gruden is looming over the raiders organization as Henry Ruggs damn near killed a poor lady in what we can call donte stallworth 2.0.
    what a damn shame! Going 156mph with a bac of .161 and killed a poor innocent lady in her rav 4!!! Thoughts and prayers to her and her family! Of course he got cut the next day and I would wanna say his career is probably over but this is the NFL. Where you can beat a woman, get cut. And signed by another team in a week or 2!!!

    Moving on to the mlb! Congrats to the Atlanta braves that beat the Houston cheaters lol! Still need to change that name tho! Cleveland has started to remove sign at the park that says Indians. To make room for its new name: the guardians! At let’s not forget about peta, who is now complaining that the term bullpen is offensive to cows and they should call it the arm barn! White people are something else! Baseball is perhaps one of the oldest sports in this country, and was once called americas past time! Why now in 2021, did you decide hey, that name is not a nice name to use in the sport!

    You guys have a great weekend

    Dope shows as usual

    Fyahworks out!!!!

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