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2441: Covid Killing Cops

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Jesse Jackson hospitalized, Janet Hubert’s Alec Baldwin conspiracy, Tokyo train stabbing, Biden flashed by man, DaBaby has returned, Iranian cyber attack, St. Louis mayor news conference interrupted by gun shots, wife says her husband gets promoted because she’s sleeping with his boss, Amazon worker fired after video catches woman coming out of van, J Balzin apologizes, teacher of the year arrested for slapping student, witch explains how to curse your ex, Christian radio host gets 3 life sentences, dog show fight and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ebibebi

    That guy on the train is actually a copycat who did the crime better than the guy he was copying. I think it was back in August that the other guy got on the train, stabbed people, and attempted to set the car on fire. Halloween guy actually was able to start the fire. The videos of people escaping through the windows of the train because the doors wouldn’t open are so chaotic and terrifying (something about safety mechanisms that keep the doors from opening unless the train is aligned just so with the platform). The guy who did it in August said he wanted to kill a woman who looked happy. And now the media is blaming the Halloween guy’s rampage on the fact that he lost his girlfriend and job. And those aren’t even the only recent stabbings, some of them don’t really make the news like that. Not that Tokyo was ever 100% safe, but the number of men grabbing a knife and walking into a crowd to fuck random people up has increased so a lot of people are freaked out.

  2. Khalil_being_loud

    Hey rod and kalendria listening to the show and you spoke how Apple has a leg up on Android because the iPhone allows you to add your vaccine passport to your apple Wallet But unfortunately as an apple user I have to inform you that Android users have been able to do this since June . But we still the shit team apple In this hoe. https://www.pcmag.com/news/android-devices-can-now-store-covid-vaccination-and-test-information?amp=true

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