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TTM 80: Growth, Okay?!

Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Good morning! Here is my quick rundown to Sunday nights episode:

    1. I don’t get why ppl are blaming Lawrence this episode because CLEARLY in the last episode of S4, Condola literally said to Lawrence, “You can be involved as you want.”
    Was Lawrence an asshole at some points of the YES. But this isn’t ALL his fault. He thought he could be drop in every weekend and that would be good enough. I think Condola really believed that she could handle being a single mom. She appears to have everything together and she thought she could do the same with the baby. Clearly both are overwhelmed by it all.

    2. I’m able to see both Condola and Lawrence perspectives and I’m not blaming anyone. I like Chad. Everyone has a plan until you get punched the damn mouth.

    3. When Issa was on that panel at Stanford, she knew then she wanted to break up with Lawrence.

    4. Y’all peep Lawrence looking at the moon on the plane? Issa was looking at the moon last week. Are they looking at the same moon on the same day?

    5. KeKe Palmer is a national treasure. I also find it funny that Keke said she HATED Condola. She asked to be on the show on Twitter and they gave her the task of playing her sister. Lol. Be careful what you wish for. Lol. I loved her on the episode, though.

    6. Did y’all peep that Derek said Kelli is no longer drinking? She hadn’t lost a step with that humor though. She stole the scene at that baby party.

    That’s all I got for this week.


  2. Tink_Tink

    Hello to my fav Insecure podcast on the interwebs,

    Firstly, I looked closely for the theme of this series again. So we’ve had three characters have ‘near death’ experiences. I have a knot in my stomach anticipating where they’re going to take this.

    Bassey mentioned the call back to Issa’s moon last episode, do we think Lawrence was looking at the same moon on the flight? Are they telegraphing a possible reconciliation? Lissa 5eva

    Lawrence got on my nerves this episode and usually I try to think the best of his motives. How does this grown man think bringing up the child is only about the child once its born? Its obvious he didn’t attend any of Condola’s pre-natal appointments, or really check in during the pregnancy. Showing up at the hospital isn’t enough when you’ve missed months already.

    Big shoutout to Kelly and Keke. It was a really heavy and intense episode and needed their comic moments. Thankfully they haven’t changed Kelly too much, she’s still petty and although she may have stopped drinking, but she was still high… at a children’s birthday party 🙂

    I can’t wait to see Issa and Molly’s perspective on the party. They must have attended, right? Also, if Condola is leaning on Tiffany and Derek for support do we think Tiffany is telling Kelly and/or Issa about the tension with Lawrence?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts (and Karen’s laugh).

  3. rodimusprime

    Good afternoon Rod, Basie, and Karen,

    Here I am minding my own business then the damn plane start shaking and all I can think of is Basie prophecyzing (disregard how a butchered that spelling) someone’s gonna die and I start to think they taking out the realest nigga on the show. My heart . #TeamLawrence!!! It’s f*** Condola forever. Ol mean bitter b****. She really bothers me and if someone had to go I would t be sad if it were her ‍♀️.

    Obviously talking about these characters as fictional people because some people out here treat Insecure like it’s reality.

    Love y’all and keep up the great work


  4. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod & Bassey

    Wow at this complex episode , this was an interesting one and very relatable for a lot of viewers apparently lol. I really wish Lawrence and Consequences had come up with a coparenting plan that was based in reality and not just TEXTS and VIBES. And now Rod & Bassey I’m not sure on the timeline from when Condoms informed Lawrence she was pregnant up until she gave birth to the baby . But like clockwork the weirdo fans online got mad at him for actually showing up to the hospital to see his kid – throws hands up ! Like why get so pressed about that – to me Lawrence always seemed like he was going to be in his child’s life . But y’all go off I guess lol

    People have to remember Lawrence got that San Fran job before he found out about Cornucopia’s gut full of Lawrence . I understand the viewpoint that parenting is a full time responsibility but both of them lacked clear communication on how they were going to do that ,which in turn eventually leads to them blowing up on each other.

    Lawrence was definitely wrong for some of his viewpoints on coparenting but Condolences was also wrong in telling him you don’t have to be involved in your child’s life . I loved the insertion of the scene with Lawrence experiencing turbulence on his flight and thinking he might die and recontemplating his personal life choices or legacy as Prentice Penny said on Twitter.

    I really appreciated Derek pulling Lawrence to the side at the kids party and telling him “hey dawg this ain’t how you want to do this parenting thing.” That was really great seeing that conversation play out in this episode and also why in the hell am I loving Derek and Tiffany this season they truly seem like they have the best perspective this season so far and I am loving those two!

    Hopefully some of Derek & Tiffany’s good rubs off on Lawrence and Convocation and they get their coparenting duties in sync some way .

    Thanks again

    Rod & Bassey


  5. bamil73

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    Firstly all praises and salutations due to the recap team that got me watching This Is Us to begin with.

    Secondly, I got to say that on the baby rearing front, I am team Condola. I thought the episode gave a really good look at her life outside of the main cast. It almost had me nominating Lawrence for first ballot Hall of Fuckboi for his bullshit. He was really in danger of turning into one of those niggas that brags about baby sitting their own kids every weekend. He even complained to Derek that he’s actually there for his son unlike “those other niggas” (I’m paraphrasing here). That self reflection brought on by the turbulence gave him a chance to redeem himself. Going forward narratively, the writers have an opening to bring him back to LA to put him back on a collision course with Issa.

    As always I’m loving the recaps and of course they wouldn’t be complete without at least one off-mic Karen laughter outburst.


  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Bassey and Rod,

    Thanks for recapping the show. If you haven’t covered it already, could you please give a pov on why Lawrence showed up at the hospital? Condola gave him an out and what they’ve shown us seems like he opted to not be involved. The baby arrives full term but early and he’s upset she picked names etc. Was he expecting to be treated as a 50/50 parent eventhough he opted out of everything up until then merely because he shows up to the hospital? Everyone is mad at Condola, but she still doesn’t know this man AND wasn’t planning / didn’t ask for him to get involved. If Lawrence opts in to “parenting” why is it bad that it will have to be on her terms at least at first? That split screen of their lives post-baby is in my opinion all the reason any viewer would need to understand why.


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