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SMR 363: The Eternals

Rod and Karen review the latest MCU movie “Eternals.” We also discuss the movie trailers we saw before the film.

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    Having seen it on two occasions, I feel a lot better about it than I did on the first viewing. You guys are correct on the pacing being this film’s Achilles heel but I think narratively, it’s purposeful because these beings truly are mythical compared to even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. I didn’t mind that the film did essential tell a past & present story at a similar rate. At first, I felt lost, but in order for the exposition to follow through it was necessary. Initially, I found it difficult to follow, because I was like, “movie, chill”. Now, I’m like Neo in the OG Matrix like “Whoa”.

    I even liked characters all the characters, even Ikarus’s Soldier Boy having ass, as I really felt bad that for someone who wanted Arsheim’s prophecy to come to fruition, he needed to see the error of his way, in order for the destruction of earth to not transpire & made a noble sacrifice (which, y’all know the Ikarus saying, lol); Ikarus saw the good in what Cersi, Phastos, Druig & Thena were trying to prevent, he just had to let go of his pride. The climax wasn’t your usual Good vs. Evil standoff, more of a heroes & pro-Convergence Eternals to allow it to happen.

    Eternals really grew on me. It didn’t grow on me, say, like Iron Man 3, but it grew on me because it’s story of existentialism, free will & discernment amongst these characters had something that we rarely see in these film, especially something as successful as Marvel Studios. As much as I did enjoy these characters, Druig & Makkari’s story needed more time. Their story was the most forced.

    With this being the second Chloe Zhao film that I watched, her films do take some time to get used to, because she takes her time. Nomadland & Eternals share that in common, it’s just the genre & cast are different. Excellent visual storyteller, as well as a narrative one, too. Looking forward to seeing it again, when I do.

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