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BDS 420: Stupid 201

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Henry Ruggs DUI resulting in death, Aaron Rodgers lies about being vaccinated, Cleveland Browns in turmoil, Robert Sarver allegations released, Marshawn Lynch cussing on live TV, Quenneville resigns over NHL scandal, U.S. Open ticket scam, Calvin Ridley taking mental health break, Marcus Smart mad about lack of passing, NAACP encourages athletes not to go to TX sports teams, Kofi Cockburn suspended, NBA transition fouls, Ben Simmons still hasn’t returned, Deshaun Watson rumors, Von Miller cursed Halloween party,  Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews epic costume, Colin Cowherd ready to risk it all for Joy Taylor, Joakim Noah analogy game needs work, Floyd has Kyrie’s back, Scottie Pippen mad at MJ, Matt DiBenedetto deletes Twitter account, Brittany Renner talks about trapping PJ, Longhorns delete tweet, Randall Cunningham says Gruden not racist, Nash says Kyrie welcome back if vaccine mandate changes, Lehner wishes players would step up, Mets dugout fight and Uh Oh, These Niggas Fightin’.


  1. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen, and Jay Williams,

    Man it’s not looking good for Duke. As a institution that prides itself on education it sure has given us two of the dumbest niggas I know. If Aaron Rodgers is MLK then Jay Williams is Bernie Sanders because he is going to march with Rodgers on this antivax hill. He has gone from saying why is everyone not as mad at Aaron Rodgers to why is everyone more upset about Aaron Rodgers than Henry Ruggs. I blame Stephen A because if he would have put his ego to the side and Max stayed on first take. we wouldn’t have to deal with this dumb nigga. Also it looks like the Prodical son has returned and the Panthers have signed Cam. I really am hoping this is a comeback for Cam but knowing Cam he going to come out playing like lemon booty. But I hope he surprises me. But as always love the show.



    Howdy do, Rod, Karen & Juncan Robinson.

    Well damn, Kyle Larson, you literally overcame your racism to win that ‘chip, huh? Won 10 races & led over 2,000 laps. His closest winningest competitors had 4 wins each. Real talk, the thing that I was anticipating, didn’t really happen much, if at all: Media using his racial slur as an “overcoming adversity” narrative trope, which the white press snorts that junk like Tony Montana on a coke high. Someone probably has wrote that article, luckily, I do have an option to avoid such trash. Congrats to him, though. Still can’t unsee that moment from 2020, but he clearly can race.

    In other news & I do feel like piling on this nigga, fuck Aaron Rodgers. Not just on COVID, but just the way he handles shit, in general. Bleacher Report in 2019 wrote a piece on Mike McCarthy & Aaron Rodgers split with the team. It was a solid examination on how those two men dealt with each other. It opened my eyes on Rodgers & how he handles things. No integrity, no accountability, all vibes. Had me thinking for a second: What if Michael Vick threw a better endzone pass in that 2010 Wild Card game? Not only would he not get that Super Bowl win, I doubt Aaron would as many pleas from people as he typically does for being hipster Tom Brady, sans the comedy, hardware & swag. He’d get fried like Peyton Manning, when he was trying to win his first championship with Indianapolis, because people were already hatin’ Aaron for just being Brett Favre’s predecessor.

    Furthermore, looking at how wack the Chiefs were on offense on Sunday, he would’ve smoked their asses like a motherfuckin’ pack of Kools, but his stupidity cost them that matchup, essentially, spotting Kansas City a needed win. Poor Jordan didn’t get no Love that day. Cold world, as Bomani would say. Peace, y’all.

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jarkeef Morris,

    I hope all is well.

    OBJ got his freedom papers (and his paper as a signing bonus) from Cleveland and per fake ass journalist Adam Schefter, is signing with the LA Rams. I’m so happy OBJ is free. Baker couldn’t throw OBJ the goddamn ball but his aggressive mediocrity threw plenty of dirt on OBJ’s legacy. And yes, I watched that entire 11 minute video of Baker not throwing to Odell.

    Y’all talking about folks watching football versus basketball reminded me something that I heard Michael Felder say: “People don’t like football as a sport. People like football as their favorite TV show.” NFL could put a game on any day of the week and folks will tune into watch, quality be damned; and I think that overall quality will drop as the NFL makes season longer and longer. When do y’all think the owners are gonna push for that 18th game?

    Is the Morris twins vs the Jokic brothers beef yet another case of niggas not knowing those Eastern Bloc white people are *different*? Them Jokic brothers look like they seen *and done* things.

    And I didn’t have “instigate shit between your teammate and some Serbian leg breakers” as this season’s Jimmy Butler Moment, but there’s still plenty of time in the season for him to fuck a teammate’s girlfriend.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for the dope content as always *and* for taking breaks when y’all need them. Out here living y’all raps about taking time off? We love to see it.



  4. MsKeish1920

    Hello Rod, Karen, and Justin,

    I’d like to say that I’m excited that Cam Newton was signed by the Panthers. I don’t want his career to die out like Colin Kapernick’s career did. Although, he’s only being signed to replace the main quarterback, he’s being paid decent money. Hopefully, he can show out and get a new team that’s willing to acquire him next year.


    As for Aaron Rogers I’m concerned the only thing that happened to him was a fine. That’s it? He lied about being vaccinated and they only hit him with a small fine. I’m so confused. Did he have to miss any games for this? If not, the NFL is stating that it’s ok to lie about being vaccinated. He stated that he’s consulting friends that are Doctors, but then he consults Joe Rogan, a podcaster? I’m so confused as to why he’s someone you would ask anything.


    I hope everyone has a great rest of their week, and a great weekend,


  5. MrHilton

    Rod Karen and the Jew England Patriots. What’s the word family? What does Belichk do when a suspect star WR wants to come through but you aint got a pot to piss on your squad. You open your arms like Rick James did to Charlie Murphy. Omg these boys Better stop testing young bundle of Brittany. Some of these models, influencers, etc is built for this shit. Cam Newton is back! Get on this black QB bandwagon before with pull out the station sir!!!

  6. fyahworks

    What’s good in the hood,

    rod, karen, and Jodell Beckham jr.

    So obj is no longer with the cleveland blacks! And he just cleared waivers. He came out and said he was looking at Green Bay, New Orleans, and the chiefs. New England even had some interest in him!
    Green Bay said they could only give him peanuts! The ball is in his court where he will end up! I saw a joke on Twitter that said obj should sign with bishop sycamore!

    I, not too long ago listened, all the smoke and deron Williams was on the podcast and he spoke on his nba career and how when he was younger he played all sports and one that he has really been into was boxing! Fast forward to this week, d will is schedule to face Frank gore in a celebrity boxing match! This should be interesting! Jake Paul is also on that card as well!

    Speaking of fights, when you come at the mvp, you best not miss! Markeef Morris thought he wanted all the smoke with the joker! And the joker gave him the whiplash of a lifetime! They took this battle from the court to them Twitter streets! And jokic brother also got in involved!

    Rod this would be on the “uh oh these niggaz fighting “ segment!!

    You guys have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out!!

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