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2443: N#ggersectionality

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. rngulledge

    I agree with your comments about n#ggersectionality. I have encountered black men and women that feel this way. The black women that think this way are more disappointing because they know misogyny is a problem for us. I remember discussing a racist experience I had with a therapist that was a very light skinned biracial black woman that has a white mom and half black dad. She told me that I should find comfort in knowing black men have it worse. When I mentioned black men still have male privilege, she told me that black men are the most oppressed demographic period (including lgbtq folks) because their blackness cancels out any male privilege they might have. I of course disagree and figure her point of view comes from not having enough black women in her life since neither of her parents are a black woman. I do wonder sometimes why some mono-racial black women agree with her. I’m not sure about other women’s experience but I remember experiencing misogyny long before ever experiencing racism. I know my delayed experience with racism is mainly due to the fact that I lived in an all black neighborhood and didn’t interact with white people for the first time until I started going to a private grade school. At the end of the day oppression olympics hurt us all and distract from the fact that white supremacy is at the root of all forms of discrimination.

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