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2446: How The Spotify Money Changed Us

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. mizzbarnes

    Everything Evie E said was the truth…..he needed to spend some money on the high dollar items and he would have such a different opinon. Those shakes are fire too!!!!

  2. Sean

    About Reading Rainbow:
    Just two things, when talking about the Revolutionary War, American textbooks tend to ignore Somerset v Stewart. This was a court case in England that ruled that for slavery to be recognized, there must be specific laws to support it as an institution. This ruling also made a Virginian have to go home without “his” “property” in 1772.
    The other thing is, the Tea Act of 1773 actually was a reduction on taxation of the colonies and would have lowered the cost of tea, which was a market threat to smuggled tea. John Hancock was thought to be a significant tea smuggler…

    The Squad:
    In terms of The Squad’s votes against the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Bill. My thoughts are that it may have been more strategic. Do you think Mitch McConnell would have voted for a bill that The Squad voted for? How about Lindsey Graham? My thought is that trading the Squads votes for either of those votes would help sell it as bi-partisan (really, who gives a fuck about bi-partisan, I just want good fucking policy). A generous interpretation would be that them not voting could have possibly netted the bill up to six House votes and up to ten Senate votes. Without knowing more, I could not actually vote in the poll.

  3. EvieE

    I have to object to David’s testimony about his Arby’s experience. I say CAP. CAP. CAP. He got items off the deal menu and at a not busy time of the day. That’s his fault for choosing the wrong items. Every restaurants have duds. Even McDonald’s. There are so many delicious menu items. They have the meats, the very delicious juicy meats. David is a hater and so are you Rod. As Miss Smart says, you’re the Feds.

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