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TNO 177: Recast Shuri!

Rod, Karen, Sterling and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Stallone leaving The Expendables, Nintendo closing offices, New Gods was cancelled because of the Snyder Cut, Chris Pratt voicing Garfield, backlash to bisexual Superman, Bezo investing in environment, Gal Gadot Evil Queen movie, Vin Diesel asks The Rock to come back, Ubisoft announces raises, another Tesla fire death, Letitia Wright may delay BP2 shooting, Eternals leads to interest in ASL, Fight Night returning, Steam Deck delayed, My Hero movie biggest ever, Herny Cavill wants in on Marvel, Jon Cryer as Lex, Winston Duke rumored to be next Black Panther, Predator Prey, Tiana movie and Disney Plus Day.

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  1. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Hope y’all are having a fantastic day. Really enjoyed sterling and bacon’s latest appearance. This rotation of guests has really been consistently fun.

    On the recast shuri stuff, I 100% agree. If she’s being adamant about not getting vaccinated she can go. Although I also am now conflicted with the reports of how serious her injury was on set that might be a contributing factor to the delays and not just the anti vaccine stuff. There’s no denying letitia is a fantastic actress but it’s so damn silly she’s letting herself be duped by fake Christian black British religious types on this. Sometimes I wish some of these niggas never learned what podcasts are. In my time looking for black British podcasts to listen to I’ve stumbled upon many a fineass British hotep who only talks about relationships on their podcast but sprinkles in the conspiracy theories with the obligatory preaching.

    On the Winston Duke stuff, I hope it’s true. He’s proven himself to know to shut the fuck up and make money and also be a decent person outside that. Makes sense and would be a good way to still have the strong black man present some folks are crying about smh. I don’t want them to recast because frankly a lot of the people folks put forward for tchalla don’t have the range and speakig as an African, not a lot of y’all Americans can do a convincing accent. Sorry not sorry lol.

    A little personal news. The last episode of jobless reincarnation I worked on aired last week and the author retweeted my art commemorating the release. I can now die happy. This week’s episode 21 is a major turning point in the show so I hope y’all enjoy when you get to it.

    Ok, so last couple things, I watched the 2nd part of the netflix masters of the universe show and was blown away. Not only did my homies working on the show go all out, but they made my favourite character swole as fuck. I won’t say who so as to avoid spoilers but as a buff lady enthusiast, I was very happy. In unrelated news, this show was the show that got me to finally buy my first action figure. I got the Evil-Lyn action figure and am extremely happy. I’m mostly gonna be using it for work stuff because it’s surprisingly posable and also just to have on my desk when not in use because she looks cool and her biceps were captured nicely lol.

    Lastly, I read first issue of the new black panther by John Ridley and was not feeling it. I’ll give him a few more issues but if he is deadass serious about doing spy shit after the masterpiece we just had imma dip. This is some miniscule shit compared to what we could be doing and I’m not a fan. Only positive is I love tchalla being a big meanie again. He hasn’t been this sassy since Hickman’s new avengers but that was the one bright spot so far. Ok looking forward to the episode, love y’all Felix out.

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