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2454: Florida Trifector

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Jack steps down from Twitter, Bill Cosby, people want electronic vehicles, sex offender terminology, man sentenced for helping R. Kelly, police want us to help them rather than record them, Twitter users are mostly talking to themselves, athlete transfers after racist interaction at school, bill to stop rap lyrics from being used in court, Facebook’s race-blind practices punish Black users, man beaten after catching boyfriend humping dog, selling drugs to pay for legal fees, woman tossing tacos at mom and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mr_Spann

    As a nigga who’s account on Facebook is in permanent “warning” status, the results of those findings don’t surprise me. I got suspended a few times just pointing out the racism being aimed at me. Hell, once Facebook suspended me for 3 days and didn’t even tell me what the damn offense was. So none of this shit surprises me.

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