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TTM 84: Tired, Okay?!

Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod & Bassey

    This episode felt more revelatory of character than plot so not sure how every one felt about it . I thought it was okay , loved Amy Aniobi’s visual tributes to “A Different World” & “Waiting to Exhale” those were fun to see. The ladies conversations were funny and heartfelt at the same time. I enjoyed seeing the maturity & growth(c)Kelley between Convocation and Lawrence as coparents and unequivocally just friends lol #LISSA Finally shoutout to Bassey being right about Taurean and Molly! Bassey was right !

    Thanks again Rod & Bassey

    • trey_swindu744

      Also forgot to add – to Nanceford I don’t believe you sir , you don’t love Issa like that for real lol

  2. rodimusprime

    What up, Rod. Hello, Bassey. Yo, are we really sure this is actually the final season of Insecure, cuz it damn sure doesn’t feel like it. After 7 episodes there’s nothing about this season that says “There’s only 3 episodes left” other than these niggas literally saying “There’s only 3 episodes left” when this week’s episode was ending. All this shit could have been done already. Why are they wasting so much time? Also as much as I hate to go against my fellow light skinned man, Nathan gotta fuckin go! It would be cool if Lawrence and Issa ended up together again, but can we at least not have her with this lame ass nigga?

    One more thing about Lawrence and Issa, am I buggin or is their only real interaction all season that time he picked her up from the airport? That awkward breakup can’t be how they end things with them. They both need some kind of real closure to their situation regardless of what happens. If nothing else I’d like to see them end up being friends and for her to be his son’s Auntie if not his stepmother. But, I don’t know how we’re even gonna get there at this rate. Anyway, that’s it. I’m out!

    L Brothers

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