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TNO 178: Saw Whores

Rod, Karen, LaShonda and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Weta Digital sold to Unity, Gucci Xbox Series X, new charging cable invented for electric cars, Hugh Jackman reprising Wolverine, Halle Berry open to returning as Storm, Activision Blzzard scandal, Pokimane talks about obsessive fan, Apple self driving car, Epic buys Rock Band creators, Mass Effect TV show, UFO task force, Chris Evans is Buzz Lightyear, Xbox Series S was highest selling console on Black Friday, man shot selling PS5, Extraction 2, Joe Manganiello doesn’t think he’ll return as Deathstroke, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, steam deck will not feature it’s own platform exclusive games, Paper Mario coming to Nintendo Switch Online, Rockstar delayed physical editions of GTA trilogy,



    Hey guys, I would love to praise XBOX for recently making over 70 XBOX games backwards compatible. MK9, TimeSplitters 2-3 & Dead or Alive 1-4 are all backwards compatible now. Finally was able to play Mortal Kombat 9. Cost me $30 but it was worth. However, the fact that they made Shao Khan a cheatin’ bitch nearly caused me to lose my mind, but I learned that throwing these controllers on a wall is so not worth it. Now, I gotta try & scrounge up some money to get that Series X. Shit ain’t gonna be easy, but I’ll try. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year, y’all.

  2. RoninRaphael

    I’m so glad to finally be a premium listener as I get to enjoy more of Rod and Karen. Right from when I began listening to the TBGWT, I slowly began to gravitate into the Nerd who could happily love what he loves and accept others for not liking my taste. I am a better Nerd who can own his nerdniness with pride thanks to Ya’ll. Also, thank you for always introducing me to more amazing podcasters. Ya’ll are the Best in The World!

    I forgot the topic that I was going to comment about but it’s all good, I just love being here.

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