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2456: There Are No PlayerLover Parties


  1. Sofa_King

    Do you have to access Spotify via the app, in order to see the Question of the Day? Because I don’t ever see no questions, when I go in via the desktop web player,

  2. mizzbarnes


    Why the Arby’s hate? Just order a delicious Roast Beef with curly fries (with the cheese cup for dipping) and a delicious shake to wash it down. Enjoy the peace of driving up and ordering and waiting for your delicious meal. I cannot understand why would deny the delicousness? I don’t see why you don’t treat Karen to a wonderful meal at your local Arby’s. I feel that you are in the closet with your love of Arby’s . I see you, in the closet, with the door closed, eating those crispy delicious curly fries, savoring the flavor.
    It’s ok, Ron, me and Evie E see you……..

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