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2458: Wakanda Forever Variant

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Drake withdraws music from Grammy Awards, Viagra might reduce Alzheimer’s risk, Chris Cuomo fired, Don Lemon texted Jussie Smollett, Uber allowing audio recording, IG new feature tells users to take a break, Android phones spying on you, woman gets 10 mil for stepping on rusty nail in Walmart, man steals drugs from grocery store, man shoots a kids who threw water baloons and sword ratchetness.

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1 Comment

  1. bamil73

    Rod was commenting on Chris Cuomo being fired and was very emphatic about his disdain for the Cuomos. I got one question for Rod: If YOUR brother assaulted and groped several female co-workers you really wouldn’t have him on the podcast to deny it? So, so, so if your own flesh and blood was a serial killing nigga you wouldn’t have him on the podcast to deny that shit, huh? So, so so, if he orchestrated genocide on a whole ethnic group you wouldn’t have him on the podcast to plead his case?? Never?!? Never, ever?!?Wooooooowwww, just wooooowww. That Spotify money really changed you man. Or is it that Tantaly torso-sex doll money?

    On a separate note, Karen mentioned that the reason men spread corona more than women was because of that Macho Chismo. Macho Chismo sounds like he could be the main villain in season 2 of Hawkeye?


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