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TTM 86: Choices, Okay?!

Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Good morning Bassey and Rod,

    This episode was so good. I totally didn’t see Lawrence and Nathan about to come to blows at the end. It kinda gave me Dewayne Wayne vibes when Whitley was about to marry Byron. (BABY PLEASE).

    First, I would like to point out the juxtaposition of Molly being upfront with Dro about her relationship with Taurean with Issa not really bringing up that her and Lawrence were once living together to Nathan. That really put me on pause. Why is she hiding that? Is she trying to spare Nathan’s feelings or is she still in love with Lawrence? Also, Molly has grown so much. I generally love that for her. Take notes people. Therapy is magical. She is a totally different person from Season 1 to Season 5.

    Secondly, Chad stay putting a battery in Lawrence back and he stay making a bad decisions because of it. LOL That damn toxic masculinity bullshit. There is a time and a place. HOWEVER my romantic ass was like, TELL HER YOU LOVE HER LAWRENCE.

    Lastly, my favorite comedic scenes, when Kelly slapped TF out of Molly. I literally screamed. Issa trying to eat that mac and cheese ball when it was too hot; Ahmal calling that new man his boo immediately; Chad wanted to be recognized during the speech; all of that was laugh out loud funny.

    I’m not sure where the final episode is headed. Will Issa pick anyone? Lawrence and Nathan really showed their ass at the end but I’m going to enjoy it nonetheless.

    Enjoy your holiday,


  2. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod and Bassey (and Karen),

    Thank you for helping us navigate this wild ride! As always, I had bigger feedback plans than I ever manage to execute.

    I just want to say that I think the death references are just about the death of a series that has had an out-of-control LIFE because of how fans act.

    Also, I think Bassey was onto something when she said that Molly’s parents wanted to see her partnered so that she has someone to lean on.

    Happy holidays to you both!
    Koritha (ProfKori)

  3. bamil73

    As someone who hates conflict and does everything in my power to avoid it, this episode was like yikes. I loved the episode though. Also, I have this recurring image of Bassey settling in to watch the latest episode of Insecure humming “Somebody’s Gotta Die” by Biggie.


  4. thatTish

    Lemme get this comment in since you niggas wanna act like you’ve never heard of CP Time and didn’t even let me finish my shift at work the next morning before you recapped the show.

    I’m happy for Molly or whatever, but the way they ate all that food was way too much. And they didn’t even grab the Mac-N-Cheese balls FIRST!

    Lawrence, bless his heart. He knows where Issa lives, and it wouldn’t be hard to find out what Nathan does for a living. He could have had Chad or some other friend schedule an appointment with Nathan so he could go talk to Issa and at least get a heads up if Nathan left the shop. Tiffany and Derek really need to stop inviting Lawrence and Issa to the same events. Even when they get married.

    Nathan did not have to do all that. At least go to the FRONT of the house where nobody is before you start spazzing out. Now Issa’s friends have good reason to look at you sideways, cuz they don’t even know you like that and you showed your ass at a going away party.

    • thatTish

      Also, Commonwealth didn’t sit right with me either. She decided to hand the baby to Lawrence before she went to the bathroom after she saw Issa over there. Seems to me like she was tryna make sure she left her claim on Lawrence because she could have just taken the baby with her and checked on his diaper and stored the diaper bag or something in the same trip.

  5. Alimarjoh

    Okay, hear me out… The last episode is this: Molly and Taurean are on a date. Molly brings up some important milestone in the future, and Taurean says he’d like that (implying that he sees a future with her). Kelly is doing a episode of her podcast, and she brings up her new business helping black peoples with their finances and stuff. We see Tiffany and Derek setting up their new house in Colorado. Thug Yoda dies, and Issa and Lawrence run into each other at the funeral. They have small talk that leads to them saying how they really feel about each other. The End

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