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2462: Scattered, Smother, Chunked and Meth’d

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, student loan payments returning, Chicago PD would’ve accepted an apology allegedly, FedEx driver update, teachers “Dash For Cash” at hockey game, man uses his girlfriend’s facial recognition to steal, man poisons his wife with cocaine, woman makes police arrest her, Waffle House cook arrested for selling meth and sword ratchetness.

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  1. mizzbarnes

    Me and my son had the greatest Waffle Shop conversation. His philosphy was that if the grade is anything above a C, he refuses to eat there, the cook needs to have several priors, at least a tattoo sleeve and smokes. We only brought this up because we went to the Waffle House one morning ( purely his suggestion) and I kept asking the waitress how the coffee was. My son was cracking up at me knowing full well I was getting that dried roasted S&D coffee. If you don’t know what S&D coffee is, you’re too young. It’s the generic version of Sanka. Anyhoo, I shared this GTR story and he was like, ok, nothing new to see here….LOL!

  2. PapaRo81

    Hi Rod and Karen , listening to this episode and the lack of recognition / appreciation for Biden and Harris in this country is not really all that surprising but damn if it doesn’t bother me on a daily basis. I live in Indiana and most gas stations have at least one sticker of Biden on the gas pumps pointing at the prices sayin “ I did that” or a sticker of Trump sayin “ Miss me yet?” . Also I’ve seen a few billboards along the highway in Pennsylvania with Biden wearing a turban while holding a RPG under the words” making the Taliban great again” this is just sickening the hatred for the president for literally doing what people have been wanting for a very long time . Like didn’t we want the troops to come home? Sorry for the long comment just had to share . Love y’all!

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