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SMR 374: Don’t Look Up

Rod and JL Cauvin discuss Adam McKay’s latest comedy “Don’t Look Up.”

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    This movie has a pretty good package: Stellar cast, Adam McKay, composer Nicholas Britel, interesting subject matter & it’s on Netflix. I really wanted to like this film & its satire, but, for me, it felt pretentious. Too pretentious, even, where I felt that this film was emphasizing the perils of humanity continuously fucking up the environment. Admittedly, a lot of the writing I had a problem with, was from one David Sirota, who I find to be a passive-aggressive individual, who’s bark is bigger than his bite. I would’ve hated this film, if it were for the cast, who commits throughout the mayhem. Hell, it was one of the rare times I wasn’t annoyed by Jennifer Lawrence on-screen, who actually was one of the better parts of DLU. I don’t think this film comes close to reaching what Idiocracy, pretty much depicted in 2006. I’ll give Don’t Look Up credit for its depictions of Billionaires & our broken media, I just didn’t like the messaging of the “message”. Adam. McKay nailed it with The Big Short & Vice, but, in terms, of what he did with DLU, i couldn’t deal. It felt like a film written by a Twitter influencer, who’s whole goal is to be obxious, because the ad agency told them to be for clout. Pretty confidence I don’t need to sit through this again.

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