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2467: The Junior Year Of Covid

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Alexa tells a 10 year old to do some dangerous stuff, NYPD lap dance, Apple reveals digital legacy feature, single people punished in American economy, McDonald’s settles with Black franchisee, anti-CRT bill proposed in FL, woman jailed for racist abuse of Black bouncer, man shoots neighbor over loud music, man dances after failed robbery attempt, men pose with Santa while holding a gun and sword ratchetness.

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  1. eddielondon

    Happy New Year Rod and Karen! You made me laugh with the UK racism story, I saw that video at the time and glad she finally received justice. America might have perfected racism, but us Brits invented it and the mask of politeness usually fades for some repressed racists here after a few drinks!

    Also about covid, we currently have over 200,000 covid cases a day due to omicron as Boris didnt want to upset everyone by locking down over Christmas. He is definitely aiming to get this over and done with by letting it ‘rip through the population’ to quote his TV interview. Politics and right wing economics sadly has won over healthcare, but hope you all stay safe across the pond. Stay hom-icron, this should be everyone’s slogan!

    Love and peace to you and your family in 2022
    Eddie aka Sasha
    From London, UK

  2. C Baby

    Update: My nibling’s COVID test came back positive. My sibling’s positive as well. Good news, they seem to have a very mild case.

    Bad news, my sibling’s idiocy and selfishness has caused my double vaxxed and boosted father to get COVID. (His case is very mild also.) My mother, a cancer and heart disease survivor, is double vaxxed and was boosted in mid-December. She’s fine so far and her test came back negative, but it could be just a matter of time for her.

    I can’t take her in because I live with my sibling. I’m double vaxxed and boosted. It’s been 8 days since my nibling started showing symptoms, 7 since their parent started showing, and I just started feeling a little sick today. (Happy new year, I guess.)

    You know what’s crazy, none of this will convince my sibling to get their kid vaccinated. They’re going to be like, “It wasn’t that bad,” and, “I got it so I was right; the vaccines don’t do nothing.”

    A mandate for schools can’t come fast enough.

  3. Bsola

    Hi Karen and Rod,

    Happy New Year!! May 2022 bring us all good health, peace of mind and joy

    Regarding kids not being vaccinated it’s really scary. My family member is vaccinated, but their young child is not and he is attending school where they live in Florida.

    I’m worried for them, but they keep saying they are all good because the pediatrician said they can delay the vaccine and they previously got covid.
    I know they aren’t anti-vax so this is really odd of them.

    Regarding the discussion on married women and housework. It got me recalling the term “The second shift” coined by sociologist Arlie Hochschild in her 1989 book.
    Similar to your discussions it’s the additional labor women perform in the home after working outside the home as well. Damn the game is really rigged.

    Thank you three for all your hardwork and dedication it really comes through in all the podcast episodes.
    Rod’s Arbys shaming aside lol.

    Your friendly neighbor up north,

  4. shanna

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Happy New Year! I had to jump in to comment on being single and broke. This really hit home because after the last two years of essentially working non-stop, I was pushing my job to let me take a sabbatical. Because I’ve only worked at my job for 3 years, they wouldn’t let me take more than two weeks off consecutively and when I looked into FMLA there was essentially nothing available to me as a single, childless person without a family member or partner to take care of (which btw, isn’t that shitty that you can only take time off work to replace that with taking care of someone else?). My only other option was short-term disability for mental health which I needed a doctor to sign off on and my regular doctor retired during the initial wave of lockdowns and the mental health services I was accessing I had to pause when they became cost-prohibitive. All that to say, there are little options for single, childless folks and I don’t even have a partner to shoulder some of the financial and emotional stress. Shout-out to friends and group chats but it’s still rough.

    I appreciate folks talking about it because it is hard and you feel like no one else is going through it but you.

    Thanks as always for the podcast. And I also wanted to say I feel your frustration at everyone failing the group homework assignment Rod. Love y’all.

  5. C Baby

    In relation to the kids who aren’t vaccinated but have vaccinated parents, I wonder how many of them have parents who only got vaccinated because it was required their for job or because they thought they were going to win a lottery.

    My nibling is sick right now and it’s likely COVID because they were in contact with a classmate who had the virus. Their parent is only double vaxxed because they were looking at termination if they didn’t get vaccinated.

    Imo, the best way to get kids vaccinated is for the schools to require it.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    Meet not meat. Hihi.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    We had already the forth wave with the highest numbers ever. Now we are not sure what’s going on. The numbers seem to low, but this might change soon.
    On the other hand, we have restrictions.
    Unvaccinated people can only meat one other “pod”, they can only go to grocery stores. For example if you are not vaccinated you can’t go to Ikea. They ckeck at the entrance vacc card and Id.
    Private meetings can only be 10 people.
    No parties, no clubs, no fireworks on new year.

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