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BDS 427: Plantation Cosplay

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss listener feedback, Lebron James Covid meme, Cole Beasley fined for Covid violations, KAT gives Jordyn Woods a Porsche, John Madden dies, UCLA pulls out of bowl, Magic Johnson not looking forward to HBO series, Kaepernick loses out on deal, MMA fighter’s body found, Dominique Foxworth puts Aaron Rodgers on blast, former MLB player accused of sexual assault, Deion Sanders on playing SEC teams, mayo bowl, Haley and Hanna Cavinder sign NIL deal, Austin Rivers, IG model disavows link to Lebron James, Westbrook, Crypto.com Arena, Aaron Rodgers spreading more misinformation, Montez Sweat brother killed, horrible Madden take, Kyrie speaks, Brittany Matthews, Dak Prescott’s girlfriend and “Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fighting!”


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin It’s me Shay

    I just had to write in real quick and Stan this bleacher shot from my girl Dawn Staley. Highest paid coach in women’s NCAA at 22.4 million (still under paid compared to the men)! 4x gold medalist, six SEC championships etc…etc…

    Anyway pay Black women. And here’s why. Worth every penny.


  2. chubbzero

    Happy new year to you rod, Karen and jantonio brown! If burning bridges was a person! Go ahead and put Mike Tomlin in the hall of fame for putting up with this dude as long as he did! I know mental health is a serious issue and we should not make light of it but how many chances can a person get before you start to say he’s just an asshole? And does this nigga ever pay anyone for services rendered? From the moving guy to the personal chef to now tom brady’s personal trainer. I get why teams take him, because of the talent but I be damn if I would go into any business venture with this dude. But you watch, I betcha Jerry Jones somewhere rubbing his hands like birdman hoping the bucs cut him. He’ll pick him up so fast. And all colin said was stop killing us. Smh. Alright talk to you guys later!


    Two things, I have zero remorse for Antonio Brown. All of a sudden, we need to have sympathy for this Mr. 4D Chess playing, he gotta plan ass nigga? I mean, I guess, I just find it very convenient now. Tampa Bay, no question, enabled him to act a whole fool, intentional or otherwise. Tom Brady, also, deserves blame for trying to give him chance after chance. Dude went after his trainer, because, according to his siddity ass, was being charged $100K. I thought you were Mr. Whole Lotta Money, Antonio. No wonder you don’t pay your debts. No wonder. All of these articles can’t explain away why he acts this way 24/7. You guys literally ran audio clips of him being a donkey, fucking Logan Paul’s detestable ass made a fiyah ass parody on him. Nope. Not me. Cry me all the damn rivers. Let that dude sink.

    Also, I don’t fuck with Jaron Rodgers at all, but I’m not here for the performative morality that writers are doing here. Like none of it. I’d feel the same way, if it were a black man, as well, since, they love to do that shit on black players a lot, but I digress. Morality plays in sports simply bother me, because the shit is never consistent. Ever. For example, I didn’t watch much of that Steelers-Browns game, but the way MNF commentators were trying to pretend his stats weren’t that bad. Why are we talking around this man, like he hasn’t been Shitty McGee for the last couple of years? Peyton Manning’s final year was awful, at least he went out with a championship. Anyway, back to Aaron Rodgers. His stance on COVID is stupid, his conflict solutions are childish, but if a nigga’s ballin’, like he is, then, he deserves a shot at MVP contention. Been hated that shit forever now, but I gotta NOT approve of buddy chances because of his stupid stance on a virus or “cancel culture? Reeks of the morality crap that baseball writers pull on a yearly basis with their HOF.

    Oh, I was the one who wrote into the show, last week, regarding LeBron. Forgot to properly login. My bad. Take it easy, y’all.

  4. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and Jatonio Brown,

    So is the only thing left for AB to do is get knocked out by Jake Paul? This nigga CTE was acting up and he done stripped and left the field. The craziest part to me is the niggas riding for this dude. Like first these niggas made up a whole scenario that the bucs pulled him because they didn’t want to pay him. Which didn’t make sense because they literally had one more game left. Then now they saying it’s because he was hurt and didn’t want to go in. Which I’m like why we taking this nigga serious? I’m not riding for the bucs but the common denominator in all these highjinks with AB is AB. Also if there was ever a thread to read it was the OSU football player Marcus Williamson who let Herbstreit have it after he said that because of the nil and transfer portal that college players don’t want to play hard enough. Which plays into the tired excuse of not paying the players. Then he also Urban Meyer also caught one when it came out they had a “no hoodie” policy and used a picture of Trayvon Martin while he was the coach of OSU. Which I’m glad to see these athletes have more say. Especially when it comes to these white coaches who profit the most along with the schools and feel like they can treat them any type of way. Also I want to congratulate Trimester Tristan on his new bundle of joy and child support. Love the show always.


  5. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod, Karen, and J- Glenn Consor

    Is this 2022 yet or the gift that keeps on giving. Aka 2020 pt 2?

    So wizards commentator Glenn Consor either was confused or didn’t give a fuck when you made a statement on the game winning shot by Kevin porter or the Houston rockets! There was a player in the 80s name Kevin porter but todays kevin porter junior is not his son! Glenn goes on to say “just like his dad, he pulled the trigger at the right time!!” It also happens that Kevin porter senior did kill a 14 year old girl, went to jail then himself was killed in a bar fight 4 years ago! Could it be a case of miseducation or assuming the 2 nba Kevin porters were related? Or ya just watching whiteness work?

    In nfl news, another raiders player, got loose on that juice!
    Nate Hobbs got charged with a dui last week being found behind the wheel at a Vegas hotel, passed the fuck out! So apparently after being arrested, and released! There is a strong possibility he will be playing this week in the final game of the season! Even after what happened with Henry Ruggs I think it’s a damn shame he is playing or being considered to. But the bigger issue here is the fact the raiders could possibly make the playoffs and it’s all hands on deck! I guess the organization has a “we will deal with that later” attitude! But I feel like it shows the rest of the team if you get drunk and don’t kill nobody you good! But then again I have to remember this is the nfl where you can beat up on men , then go home and beat up on kids and women too and you will be alright! Unless you Ray rice!!

    You guys have a good one

    Fyahworks out

  6. RoninRaphael

    Happy New Year or as my German peers say, Frohes Neues Jahr to the best podcasting trio in da world. I always die laughing at the intro to Balls Deep, especially when you get to Mandela and Floyd. I’ll never get tired of listening to the intro (all your intro are great btw). How did you find the motivation for this intro? I just go back to listen to it again. Bravo

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