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SMR 375: Red Rocket

Rod and Justin review Sean Baker’s latest movie, “Red Rocket.”

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    Yoooooo, if there was an appropriate word to describe how I felt about this is simple: Timely. Simon Rex really ate this role up & is the perfect actor to showcase how a hustling, gaslighting, jerk, basically uses people to get ahead. A lot of that exists in influencer culture, which makes it very difficult to respect those folks. I like the commentary it does on porn, too. Kinda wish they didn’t pull up short near the end, but the writing & acting was so good, I forgave it, tbh.

    A24 is getting back to what makes that indie studio accessible, not just to pretentious cinephiles, but for everyone who appreciates this level of self-awareness about a topic that has been on my mind since 2015 to now, actually. They had me worried with their meager roster of films from 2018-20. Glad to see they found their mojo again. Director Sean Baker really chooses his themes well, especially with how he depicts characters & environments. Very talented cat. Really looking forward to his next project.

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