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SMR 376: House of Gucci

Rod and Justin review “House Of Gucci” and respond to your feedback.

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    Damn it, Ridley Scott, why did you have to shit on us millenials? I mean, the worst thing about House of Gucci, is how campy it is. Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons & Lady Gaga do all they can to keep it afloat, I just couldn’t get over how not serious it felt. Admittedly, maybe, I expected something triumphant like Scott’s Gladiator or The Last Duel (better film than this, imo), but just wasn’t for ya boy. Jared Leto’s tryhard ass can still kick rocks for his over-the-top-Mario-sounding-ass-performance. Really glad you guys had fun with it, as i did listening to it.

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