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BDS 429: Work Friends

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Geno Smith DUI, Super Bowl alternate site, MJ apologizes to Scottie, Antonio Brown, Djokovic, Evander Kane waived, Durant won’t lobby Kyrie, Ayesha Curry squashes open marriage rumors, Urban Meyer was wrong, Dylan Gonzalez accuses Trey Songs of rape, Michele Tafoya’s future, Kodak Black goes viral at hockey game, Nets can let Kyrie play for a price, Mulan Hernadez says Bol Bol cheating, Ava Louise OnlyFans money, Max Kellerman hating on Brady, Tristan Thompson child support, Kristina Pink falls on the court, NBA Orgy, Bart Scott recommends Viagra for Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers MAGA father, Antonio Brown NFT, Marshawn Lynch may host Amazon NFL show, Antonio Brown’s baby mama, 11 Alabama players enter transfer portal, Brittany Renner’s bruised knees and “Uh Oh, these niggas fightin!”



    Salutations Rod, Karen & Jill Belichick.

    Jesus Christ, the Bills are a scary ass team. While, I was glad to see Kansas City get Rapey Ben up outta here, no team had the production that those Bills had. Other than a kneel down, these mofos scored TDs on all of their possessions. Wonder what fried Patriot taste like, because I hadn’t seen a Patriot team look this bad, since, Alex Smith took them to the woodshed in 2015, where we thought ol’ Tom Brady was cooked. I don’t want them to beat Kansas City, however, if they play like this, how can they be stopped? Just as long as Aaron Rodgers libertarian ass doesn’t win it all, I’ll root for Josh Allen, if Pat Mahomes doesn’t get it done. As for The Homeless Genius, Bill Belichick, I don’t think he’ll win another Super Bowl. It’s been a wrap, to be honest.

    This Pats team just doesn’t have the same juice. Tom Brady in his final season couldn’t get it done, until leaving for Floridian pastures for that sweet Championship nectar & Mac Jones just isn’t Teflon Tom. Decent QB, he’ll just never be Tom the Don. Winning is hard, so are play schematics for foes, such as Buffalo. Bill was winning for so long, we forgot how hard it was for him to do that, pre-New England, when he lost more than he won. This result felt more 62-7 than KC’s rout of Pittsburg, since, the Steelers held with them in the first half, until Mahomes (the Chiefs, as a whole) figured out not to play dumb with them bums.

    If I were Bill, I’d retire with his wife, in a pirate costume, flip the doubters of his the bird & have a good life. The highs are gone now & won’t return.

  2. fyahworks

    Hey Rod, Karen, & Jogan Paul

    1. Welp! Logan Paul finally got his first L! To the tune of 3.5 million on some Pokémon cards! He copped it from a guy who paid 2.7 million then he went to Chicago to get them verified after the fact! To find out them fake bruh! White boy hustling backwards!

    2. It’s like every year I look forward to first take, or YouTube or Twitter, when Steven A has that good ol laugh when the cowboys are done for the season! The end of that game is about as classic as the butt fumble by Sanchez on the jets way back when! It was the best seeing it live! The whole game was comedy, the fans running into “Jerry world” when the doors opens, the cameras panning to dejected fans in the stadium, the botched last second play, the fans throw trash on the field, and of course DAK calling the refs sorry then turning around and apologizing on Twitter! Ahhh so good

    Do you guys think if they had a second or 2 on the clock for a last play dak might have pulled it off?

    Who y’all got this weekend??

    You guys have a great weekend

    Appreciate the dopeness known as BDS

    Fyahworks out

  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen, and J Flores,

    Man oh man it was recently Black Monday or as I call it Nigga Firing Day. The NFL has fired Brian Flores and also Dan Culley, who may have had the worst coaching job in Houston. It’s just another reminder of how far the NFL has not come when it comes to hiring and retaining black coaches. I did have a thought being someone who has worked in corporate America that though it is easy to pick on the NFL. Corporate America often has the same problem. I remember often being the only black face in my position but always reminded in corporate pep rallies on their mission of diversity and how diverse the company was. Which diversity to them was the hiring of white women in management and upper management roles. To me this same irony is just as funny when the NFL has end racism on the field and helmets but they can’t stop the owners themselves from being racist when it comes to hiring black coaches. Also it was great to hear the throwback intro songs. I feel like I can look back on where I was in life for each one. Also congrats on another year. I know you and Karen were upset that your podcast anniversary falls on insurrection day. I am right there with you as it is my birthday. But anyways love the show as always.


    • Kyoined1

      What’s up Rod, Karen and Team Lite Skinned My man Justin. Bart Scott was telling Josh Allen to take Viagra before the game because Allen suffers from poor circulation and has complained about losing feeling in his feet and sometimes his hands when he gets too cold. Viagra increases your blood flow all over the body not just in the fun parts.

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