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TNO 180: Tatooine Man

Rod, Karen and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Take-Two buying Zynga, CW potential sale, Morbius delayed again, 14K Chinese gaming companies out of business, 5G may interfere with planes, goldfish trained to drive, Scott Pilgrim anime series, Wordle rip offs, Phil Spencer on Activision, Xbox Ones no longer being made, Sony making more PS4s, Real Steel TV series on Disney Plus, Logan Paul Pokemon cards were fake, Toonami new anime, Troy Baker NFTs, Riot games resignation bonuses, The Batman is PG-13, Steam Deck will release on time, Activision not meeting with striking employees, Sega NFTs, S. Korea has most popular Netflix content, Hawkeye in the top 3 for streaming, Netflix raising prices, The Santa Clause Disney Plus show, Dog the Bounty Hunter video game and Letitia Wright coming back to finish Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.


  1. logan2x1

    In a rush I left out the newest maybe the last in the traditional rangers series before the Netflix universe pops off in a year or 2. It took almost 30 years, but we got two black male actors as power rangers in the same season. Russel Curry as Zayto/ red and Jordon T Fite as Aiyon/ Gold thanks for indulging my nerdom.

  2. logan2x1

    Nerd off crew!

    Hey guys. It’s Greg here. I had been wanting to write this thought to y’all since that time y’all brought up power rangers a few years ago. Last time I wrote in back in October I said I wanted to talk about the black women of power rangers and y’all thought I was talking about cosplayers. Although the cosplayers are nice to look at too I was talking about the actors. Now another nerd off has snuck up on me and it’s black history month so now it’s become black people of power rangers. Hahaha.
    I don’t hear or see many black people or podcasters talk about power rangers as a whole. They talk about mighty morphing power rangers and Zack, but none of the others.

    So I want to start off with the women. During season 2 3 of the rangers got replaced due to a monetary dispute because within a year MMPR became a billion dollar franchise. Walter Jones/ Zack the black ranger, Thuy(pro uncles “two wee”) Trang /Trini the yellow Ranger, and Austin St. John/ Jason the Red Ranger thought they should go Union and get paid more than $500 a week. Rewind…the power rangers were making $500 a week and that’s appalling in 90s money. They worked an entire week. They did there own stunts in the unmorphed fight scenes and they were in the studio doing voice over dubbing for when Japanese footage was used.

    During season 2 in comes Karan Ashley who was another tv crush of mine in the 90s who played Aisha the yellow Ranger who would be in the 1995 movie. You might’ve seen her in an episode of Hangin with Mr.Cooper.

    Tanya Sloan/ yellow Ranger played by Nakia Burise in season 4 Power Rangers Zeo

    Deborah Estelle Phillips played Katie/yellow in season 9 Time Force

    Camille Watkins played Shelby Watkins the pink ranger in seasons 22-23 Dino Charge

    Zoé Robins played Hayley Foster the white ranger seasons 24-25 Ninja Steel

    Karim Prince was Cestro the blue ranger in Mighty Morphin Alien rangers (the bridge between season 3 and season 4)

    Selwyn Ward who played TJ Johnson was introduced in the latter half of Power rangers Turbo (season 6) when tommy handed down his red ranger powers to him (yes tommy was red ranger in two seasons)

    Reggie Rolle played Damon Henderson/green in Season 7 Lost Galaxy

    Keith Robinson Effie’s Brother in dream girls played Joel Rawlings/ green in season 8 Light Speed Rescue

    Max Cooper / Blue played by Phillip Jeanmarie in season 10 Wildforce

    Brandon Jay McClaren who played Jack Landors was red ranger in power rangers SPD (season 14) where it was a police force called space patrol Delta where there was an A squad of Rangers and our hero’s the B- Squad. The colors were all ranked. This is one of the many handful of ranger series where the characters are adult professionals and not teenagers.

    Eka Darville who you all know as the black guy on Jessica Jones. I was introduced to him as Scott Truman the air force pilot who became Red Eagle Ranger in Power Rangers RPM (season 17). He is still my favorite red ranger til this day and met him at an ecstatic dance event in LA a few years ago.

    Rorrie D. Travis from South Carolina is the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Beast Morphers(Season 26).

    Thanks for reading yall. Boba Fett has been straight fire

  3. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here, looking forward to the episode as usual y’all. Can’t wait to see who the guest is this time. Really enjoying Sterling’s appearances.

    First of all, as y’all said. I am beyond excited for the Scott pilgrim anime. If it moves forward gonna be cool to see a new take on it, especially animated. Kinda interesting that the animation studio that’s currently involved is science saru. They did the recent devilman anime and the astro boy type star wars visions episode. While they are great, it’s kinda unfortunate that studio keeps taking on more work than their staff can handle. After hearing the horror stories from their former staff members it’s kinda sad that smaller studio ended up becoming just like every other studio. They were supposed to be the hip cool younger folks making more indie stuff but I guess that’s just not feasible long term no matter who you are.

    Secondly, I’ve been loving the book of boba fett. The most recent episodes were so good. Can’t help but get excited about the future of the star wars shows. Although, I’m gonna be a bit of a hater here again. Having Luke show up is fine but man I never wanna see original trilogy main characters again and this always bums me out seeing them. I feel like we really need to move on already. The shows have felt like we’ve been finally moving on from being so chained down by nostalgia but I guess now that the tech is there we’re just gonna stay stuck here forever. Otherwise I did like that they didn’t try to retcon anything regarding his character as we know where he has to end up so I appreciated them doubling down on showing he’s definitely fucking up by sticking to the old ways so hard lol. You know what I do have no complaints about… that goddamn naboo Starfighter or Ahsoka showing up!! bruv that was some good shit haha.

    Next, I read issue #3 of black panther. It’s the first issue of this run I actually like. Not just didn’t hate but full steam ahead saved this series for me. Seeing storm and tchalla as coates intended not hating each other and the twist at the end have me excited. That was honestly worth the trash we’ve been reading up until now. And the backup story introducing the new character was dope. One thing I really liked about it was how it felt like a commentary on the way the young generation in African countries feel about their elders who failed them. That particularly hit hard after how the elections went in Zambia this past year where I was seeing how folks my age there have been feeling about the now former government and how hopeful they are again after the election of the new president. If handled well this new character has the potential for some great political commentary. I just hope Ridley does this character justice and also that he works on making the characters dialogue not so read so Americanized. The manner of speach has been a problem for me in previous issues but it’s getting slowly better. Hopefully he gets the characters voices down soon.

    Lastly, I’ve read a truckload of books over the last few months. I’ve been really enjoying the Three Body Problem series, I’m on the 2nd book right now, The Dark Forest. I love it so far but the 2nd book has got to be one of the most annoying pieces of literature I’ve read in a while. Its the most “jesus Christ why are men” book I’ve ever read lmao. The casual misogyny has been crazy. Its hilarious because the sci-fi content is so strong but the main character is so unrepentantly terrible that you have to power through his awfulness to get to the good stuff. I cannot wait for the netflix show brought to us by DnD of Game of Thrones fame. Folks are gonna try and blame them for this I just know it but for all the recommendations this series has you’d think they’d mention even a little bit how fucking awful one of the central characters is. I hope they write all this shit out haha.

    Anyway, love y’all Felix out. Looking forward to the episode.

  4. logan2x1

    Hi y’all it’s Iman, it’s been awhile since I’ve written in but I really love what Karen said about Cowboy Bebop (live action) and The Way Of The Househusband!
    I realized after watching the show, which I loved, that I didn’t actually watch the anime. I thought I had, but I actually was a big Outlaw Star fan.
    The show was fun, campy, and a little sexy; and now that I’ve started watching the anime I’m glad they took it in that direction. I’m not sure it would translate well as a live action if they took it too seriously. I even signed the petition to bring it back. Even though I’m sure that won’t come to anything.
    The Way Of The Househusband is my jam! And I’m so glad y’all love it too, because everyone I know can’t get past the animation style. So instead of an enjoyable conversation about the story, it’s just a defensive of why I love it.
    Rod! Thanks for dismissing gatekeeping nerd culture! I love Star Wars, but I’m not into the animated shows. I tried, but they’re not for me. It really surprised my husband because I introduced him to the world of Star Wars! But he’s a huge fan of the animated shows. I love all the live action stuff though, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. It’s more enjoyable for me to read up on a character who’s from the animated shows.
    I also finished Keijo and omg it was hilarious! Animes like that aren’t usually on my radar, so I’m glad y’all mentioned it. I also recently finished season 3 of the rebooted Fruits Basket, I think you would like it Karen.

    Last thing, if you love Idris Elba movies, checkout The Take on Netflix! It also has our boy Rob Stark in it!

    Ok love y’all!

  5. rodimusprime

    Long time listener but it’s been a while since I have written in. I wanted to endorse the message on Way of the Househusband. That shit is flame emoji (said in Karen voice). Is it me or did the enemy dude look like Johnny from Karate kid? And that theme song goes hard!
    Anywhoo, I want to thank you Karen for representing us begrudging nerds who have nerd imposter syndrome. I have been watching your journey from Padawan to Jedi nerd and it has me shedding thug tears. Now you show up EVERY Nerd Off to drop some knowledge proudly.
    Congrats on your continued success.

    Jynene Or @chocolycookie on the twitters
    PS pray for me y’all, I live in Texas and niggas acting like Covid ain’t never been here.

  6. Marissajenae619

    Ok so I definitely watch Another Life and really enjoyed season two, but baby the beginning of season one was struggle city. I hung in there bc I also stan Katee (always my Starbuck) but they definitely got it together for season two and I loved both the AI story lines as well as the exploration of the alien interactions (as well as our trans love story). Am I wrong for lowkey loving that those settlers got fucked up? Sorry baby but you better keep that big colonizer energy on Earth bitch…you outta ya league. White supremacy don’t hit the same way when you fucking with the whole galaxy, huh? They truly fucked around and found out.

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