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BDS 430: Show Me Something

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Cowboys loss, Bills played perfect game, Antonio Brown, Portland mascot dick pic, Russell Westbrook diss, Djokovic update, ref crew banned from post season, Lerentee McCray arrested, Malik McDowell arrested, Naomi Osaka got 32,000 abusive tweets, No Chill Gil, Arians fined for smacking player’s helmet, U of M abuse settlement, Shannon Sharpe on Tom Brady, Chinese B-Ball fans racism, Scottie Pippen has to pay child support, NBC not sending announcer to Beijing, Trevon Diggs takes his watch back from ex-gf, unvaxxed soccer players may miss UCL, Brittany Renner goes in on podcasters, Cowboys meme fan calls radio, Willie Gay arrested for breaking vacuum cleaner, Antonio Brown says it’s not a mental health issue, Wisconsin fan racist gesture, Kyrie fined for cursing at fan, Robot umpires in AAA baseball, NCAA adopts new policy for transgender athletes and “Uh Oh, These Niggas Fightin’!”


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jaaron Rodgers,

    Ivermectin has been proven to be fucking useless against COVID-19 but maybe it can help with repertory issues such as being a choke artist? I’d have never believed someone if they told me the playoffs would have me follow up that Big Ben pack in the air with the two-for-one Rodgers *and* Brady pack! Is it time we have the conversation about Aaron Rodgers being a choke artist in the post season who looked awfully similar to Jimmy G? The same Jimmy G that is 3-0 in playoff games where he doesn’t score a TD?

    Throw Rogan was paranoid about cancel culture all this time when he really should’ve been worried about Niners defense. It’s one thing to root for someone’s downfall for being a jackass but it is so much better to see it happen. At least Rodgers’ schedule is wide open so he can keep going on podcasts full of white men.

    Shouts out to KC and the Bills for playing one of the best football games (period) I’ve ever seen. Jesus Christ, Project Pat Mahomes and Josh Allen was airing it the *fuck* out. And yo, props to Josh Allen for improving in an unprecedented fashion cuz I really thought he should’ve been playing tight end after his first two seasons and now he’s legit good? I was right about that white boy til I was absolutely wrong and damn that game was fun.

    I wish other Browns fans could admit being wrong about quarterbacks in front of their eyes. . . like all those raggedy Cuban B-ing ass white people who blamed OBJ for the Browns offense faltering. Whole lotta contrition I *ain’t* heard on that one. The Rams might go to the Super Bowl cuz the Browns released OBJ in midseason rather than admit Baker Mayfield fucking sucks. And that ain’t harsh cuz Baker’s not good at anything, he’s just less bad at different things on the field. Hell, even off the field, he’s good at insurance commercials and cheating on his wife. Hell of a skillset, that is.

    Kevin Love blew the dust off his knees and jumper this Monday as the Cavs came through and beat the New York Niggabockers. I’m just glad that Knicks fans had a chance to watch some quality basketball as that playoff team *slowly* turns back into a pumpkin. Naw but really, I thought the Cavs were gonna be sorry this season but somehow they’re in the playoffs for the first time since LeBron was there (that’s a damning measurement of everything with that team).

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dopeness!


  2. Banger316

    Hey rod, karen and jtrill, this is banger aka lover of persona from twitter, so apologies up front this is fittin be long as shit cause to quote mr poopy butthole Oowee!!! football was insane. We went from the prior week having laughed at dallas with stephen A and shannon sharpe clowning skip (i hate lebron) bayless to a week where all the biggest villains got slayed like they was thanos and the black order in endgame. First, we had tom brady almost single handily pull off a 27-3 comeback like the rams were the falcons in the superbowl to mathew stafford connecting with kupp to set up the fg and the comeback…which spared me from throwing my tv through a wall. Only for that amazing gm to be upstaged by the breathtaking shootout that was chiefs bills seriously 25 pts in the last 2 minutes in the 4th qtr, shoot that into my veins cause i need some more of that.

    However, for me the best part of the weekend by far was watching aaron rodgers’s anti-vax/joe rogan simping ass lose and get roasted from here to eternity. When i say that it’s been a minute since i saw people universally form up like voltron on twitter i mean that shit and it was a sight to behold. We had pro science/pro vaccine twitter link up with political twitter (Cause of that dumb shit he said about biden the day before) link up with troll joke twitter and finally sports twitter, and for those that weren’t there when this gm ended lets just say the circus came to town…and we came to MUTHAFUCKING CLOWN cause it was jokes and jokes and jokes and jokes and the revelry and petty was flowing like cheap college wine and we was all getting shitfaced on that Schadenfreude. Not since that gsw cavs 3-1 comeback have i seen people just go ham on someone and unlike gsw most of us present company included werent mad at or anti-packers at all. Nope it was 100% on that fuckboi. Ive never seen over the course of a few months someone ruin their entire rep the way that covid superfan aaron rodgers did, to the point that i felt bad especially for dan lebatard cause that used to be his man crush and aaron was always funny when he went on/called into that show, but now he wont even return mike the producers phone calls cause he know dan will clown him too for all this bs he been spouting on rogan and macafees podcast. All i know is ive switched sides to the point now that im on his family’s side cause apparently, we thought they were the problem in that equation but perhaps he was the one on that fuckshit afterall. Its like how ive changed my mind on the kobe shaq feud over time to being on kobe’s side now that i have more info on it, well this has gone on long enough thank yall for the amazing podcast as always and i luv yall peace.


    Oooooooooweeeeeeee, Rod, Karen & Jaron Rodgers.

    There was a time that man could be in the same ball park as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Big Ben & other greats. No question, Aaron definitely has his share of achievement, including winning SB XLV in 2010. However, since winning the big one, his Packers have not been back since then. I thought long & hard about this & I say this with zero hesitation: Aaron Rodgers is a one-hit wonder. I also think his “finesse” style has hampered him over the years in PO seasons. Saturday Night was super winnable, even with everything working against the 49ers. Yet, they pulled it off, because Aaron couldn’t stop trying to Hero Ball it to mostly two receivers all game. He was one-dimensional because he wanted to be, to be honest. For a man who didn’t even throw a pick & completed 20/29 passes, it felt very pathetic. 49ers somehow made him look limited. For all the shit Peyton Manning got for coming up short in the postseason, you can explain A LOT of his losses, can’t say the same for Throw Rogan, however. He comes up way shorter than Peyton.

    Peyton had potential game winners or tying drives in the playoffs gone awry, because either his Colts & Broncos blew assignments on defense (Rahim Moore blown coverage on Ravens with :30 in regulation), WR slip on a route (Reggie Wayne slipped, allowing for Tracey Porter SB XLIV Pick-6) or have Mike Vanderjagt (Peyton used to call him “idiot kicker” back in the day) shank more FG game-winners than Scream’s Ghostface killer.

    Yet, even broken in his final year, Peyton found a way to get it done. Sure he had a great defense backing him, but he made some key plays towards getting a ring for Denver against Pittsburgh, New England & Carolina, redeeming his inexcusable failure from Super Bowl XLVIII, where Seattle made him their bitch that night.

    Peyton & Aaron were compared a lot, because of their surreal talent, football IQ & revolutionizing the game. Unfortunately for Aaron, this will hurt his legacy for a very long time & I don’t see him ever getting back into a Super Bowl. Pissed away too many NFC Championship chances, even the one he won, was nearly lost with Caleb Hanie finishing what Jay Cutler couldn’t, due to injury. Add in the fact that Aaron got that libertarian spirit, is making it easier for me to shit on the idiotic, son of a bitch he is. Fucking Eli got two rings to his one & I think Aaron’s better, it just don’t matter, because Eli’s runs are just more memorable, even if Peyton brother only appeared in the playoffs just six times.

    If anybody’s going out sad, it’s ‘mectin Rodgers, man. Tom Brady looked a G in defeat, what’s Aaron’s excuse? 10 points is just inexcusable, even with Green Bay’s special teams being basura.

    Josh Allen is fucking scary. Played his ass off in a losing effort. I’ll never talk shit about him again. Mahomeboy went off too! Great game. Chiefs will definitely need Tyrann Mathieu’s country ass to stop Jamaar Chase.

    Ryan Tannehill’s trash, always has been & the Rams nearly blew the most sure thing heist against Tampa Bay. Matthew Stafford even looks better than Aaron, right now & he’s not trustworthy, but he ain’t that dude, at least.

    Jimmy Garappolo? This nigga beat Aaron twice & was worse than when Kap did the same thing to Aaron…..twice in the PO for the same team & did it better.

    Kinda hope the Conference Championship games are blowouts with Chiefs & Rams advancing. And if they both advance, I’d be scared of Aaron Donald & Von Miller, if I were KC. Just hope the OL is healthy. Peace y’all.


      Oh, one more thing, regarding Aaron’s Rodgers receiver targets. Of the 20 completions he had on Saturday, Aaron Jones & Davante Adams Caught 18 of them. Everyone else had just one reception. Randall Cobb was targeted just once, no catches. Once again, it’s on him. No one else.

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