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PG 320: Justin’s Work Advice

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Coronavirus talk, politics, the negativity of Twitter, the cable going out again, technology, Archive 81, Rod’s new job, listener feedback and news.


  1. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Last episode I heard you mention Archive 81. I actually thought the series was okay. Just in case you didn’t know that the series is based on a podcast. The Podcast is really good and very different from the show. When I saw the show I was wondering how they would do it because there are definitely elements that I feel are hard to do in a tv format. The whole time skipping element and some of the character interactions were made for TV. I will say if you have a chance to listen to the podcast I do recommend it.


  2. rodimusprime

    What up, niggas! Just writing in to say Rod was right about Judge Steve Harvey. Man that shit is hilarious. It really is like all the best shit from Family Feud without the dumb ass questions. It gets right to the point, Steve roasting people for doing dumb shit. Y’all gotta get on this if you’re not already. Speaking of things folks should check out, Abbott Elementary and Grand Crew are both off to great starts. Get on em if you’re not already. Both shows are funny as hell. Aight, I’m out for now. Peace!

    L Brothers

  3. Mdiarra

    Whats good Queen Karen, Rod and Justin.

    I started archive 81 and I hate to say this cause I love the main actor from The get down and Uncorked but Rod was right, it was some mid. I wonder if the podcast is any better and it just failed to reallyy make it kick off on tv.

    Speaking of politics and the negativity of twitter. I saw how much these folks went on a Quote tweet rampage when Jen Psaki said “we didnt get the outcome we wanted, lets take some time this weekend to rest for a bit and start back again on monday”. After the failed voting rights bill attempt blocked by 50 bitch ass republicans and 2 fake ass punks Manchin and Sinema. That turned into folks saying Biden and the administration don’t take voting rights seriously. We cant take a break now?!? I get sooo soo tired of the performative tweeting nowadays. Its wild cause the goalpost moving is out of control.

    Speaking of Performative tweeting Boy yall see Tasha K gotta pay Cardi that money!!! 1.5 mill for constantly lying (and admitting to lying in federal court). phew I wish I could afford to talk so crazy. Although my favorite tweet has been this dude on twitter who somehow made this whole exchange about the working class and how rich celebrities suing someone who constantly defamed them for defamation is misogynoir. Heres the link to the tweet cause its so hilariously bad. https://twitter.com/jatella/status/1486458665276256258. Like with all these woke books folks read and this is what they wanna focus on?!??

    Anyways Love yall, have a blessed weekend.

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