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2477: KillMyMan.Com

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Illinois judge reverses rape conviction, Greg Abbott introduces new bill targeting teachers, SD gov proposes ban on abortions, senate fails to change filibuster, mom group targets teachers teaching divisive lessons, Girls Trip sequel, woman finds winning lotto ticket in spam, woman saves her own life with AirPods, employee redecorates cubicle, woman cuts up 32 bridal dresses, sleepy chicken, man dies surrounded by snakes, woman arrested for murder for hire plot, another woman arrested for murder for hire plot and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    That story about the man being taken off the heart transplant list because he refuses to get vaccinated is becoming more common. I read two similar stores where a woman was denied a liver transplant for the same reason even though her daughter would be the donor. She ended up dying. Now there’s a man who needs a kidney who was removed from the list because he would rather die than get vaccinated. His wife is an anti vax nurse. That is insane but I think this gives more deserving recipients a chance to live .

    Also the woman who won her lawsuit to have her husband moved to a Texas office so he could stay on the vent he’s dead now. What’s insane about all these cases is that most of these people are stubborn until the end. It really is a death cult.

  2. Langston

    Karen you talking about killmyman.com got me weak and then Rod came in and killed me with rentahitman.com!!

  3. AlohaSoul84

    I knew that was a black lady in guess the race as soon as you mentioned the “Live, Laugh, Love” sign it has a chokehold on our community.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    OMFG. That library services being closed due to COVID-19 really hit me hard. We are getting increasingly hostile anti vaxxed and non-mask compliant patrons at the library. We are also extremely short staffed because staff have chosen to leave or retire during the pandemic. (Not to mention these who are sick.) We don’t have enough protection from harm. Sigh. But if we close or reduce hours, we will have money taken from our budget. Y’all, it is bordering on inhumane. Pandemic first responder was not why we chose this profession.

  5. Chrisshree

    Karen yelling “what the fuc is a Spice” as you listed the drugs the guy was on during sword ratchet was took me out lol

  6. ApiafromGermany

    We are still Covid free but who knows for how long. Everyone is getting it I guess. But here the hospital numbers are still low. So thats good for now. We are boostered so I hope if we get it it will be mild. That’s what is we can hope for.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    Hey good that you are back!
    Anyone else got a “corona virus song” earworm from your show? Or is this just me?

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