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BDS 431: Mama Can Watch From Home

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NFL Play-Offs, Irvin making fun of CTE, UConn gotta pay Ollie, Dwayne Haskins’ wife has charges dropped, Mark Cuban pharmacy, NFL halting Covid testing, John Stockton banned from Zags games, Penny Hardaway snaps on reporter, Eli Apple going off on Twitter, Jaxson Hayes charged, Brittany Matthews, Cooper Kupp’s wife supported him financially, OBJ lost money getting paid in Bitcoin, Payton steps down from Saints, P.K. Subban demands change in hockey, Ben Simmons asking price lowering, Tristan Thompson spotted with new woman, former Olympian dies of Covid, Shailene Woodley agrees to disagree with Aaron Rodgers, Italian ref is victim of revenge porn, white dudes getting coaching gigs, Draymond Green will analyze NBA games while still playing and a couple charged with felony after using fake vax card.



    Yo, yo, Rod, Karen & Jansas City Chiefs

    I’m still blown away at how the Chiefs pulled the equivalent of a 3-1 lead to the Bengals. Self-inflicted schadenfreude that didn’t need to happen. I love teams that go for the head, Thor-style, but it’s cool to take 3 points. Andy should’ve overruled Pat, since Mahomes wanted to go for it before half & just kick a field goal & proceed to control the tempo the rest of the game. Obviously didn’t happen & credit to the Bengals applying a defensive wrinkle in stopping that Offensive Juggernaut. Really hard to dislike Cinnicinati, to be honest. Joe Burrow outchea lookin’ like he will steal everyone’s woman with that swag & those looks. I do want the Rams to win it all, with all that being said. As for last week, I only used Peyton Manning as a reference because Shannon Sharpe briefly used him as an example to juxtapose Aaron Rodgers’s lost to the 49ers, two weeks ago. Figured I’d use him as an example.

    Anyway, Brian Flores trying to smoke the league like a pack of Kools. Tall order, but all the best to that man. Those white men don’t wanna lose their power. Take it easy, y’all.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the Jimmy Jaslam,

    I hope all is well.

    I’ma give the NFL a Dracarys for fucking with Black people, cuz goddamn.

    Brian Flores kicked off Black History Month by putting the whole *system* on trial and more power to him cuz this shit been beyond egregious. What do y’all think is the wildest part of this? I’m torn between getting a tanking bonus and that Bill Belichick not knowing how to use a cell phone really kicked off a lawsuit.

    It was especially fun to see Hue Jackson on Twitter saying that the Browns paid him and Sashi Brown bonuses for losing games. Yes, those Browns teams were terrible but there’s something so quintessentially Cleveland that they went 1-31 in 2 seasons just to land Baker Mayfield. Goddamnit.

    And now the Super Bowl is coming up and I know folks back home gonna be sick regardless the outcome: OBJ getting a Super Bowl ring after leaving the Browns might be the most ashy to classy story in NFL history. Conversely, the Bengals in 16 months did what the Browns failed to do my whole life and made a Super Bowl. I ain’t gonna hate on the Bengals but I will stretch my legs out on this on this bandwagon.

    Also, shouts out to Louisiana and LSU cuz that is absolutely where Joe Burrow got his swag from; we don’t get Joe Burrow saying he makes too much money to have fake diamonds in his chain if he stayed at Ohio State.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Thank you as always for the en fuego shows!


  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen, and JFL,

    Well it looks like Brian Flores has had enough of the NFLs bullshit and has filed a discrimination suit against them. I do wonder if he thinks back to his comments on Kaepernick and wishes he took them back. Though we all know the NFL has a problem with hiring black head coaches I don’t know how you prove it. I think if the lawsuit is to embarrass the league then good luck with that because the NFL if anything is embarrassment proof. Some of the allegations are wild and I think the being paid to throw the games is the most shocking. If that is true that might be the one thing that will get Stephen Ross booted as a owner because that is messing with the gambling money. Also Flores filed a class action suit which I am like good luck with that buddy. The NFL will protect the shield and that’s even black coaches who can’t get jobs. I think the best way for the NFL to recover from this is other than doing right by black coaches is to come out with Kinte Cloth uniforms for next year. But love the show as always.


  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jo’mander,

    Greetings from the Nation’s capital. My beloved Wizards are regressing to NBA’s no man land. They are sorry but win often enough to be out of the lottery. They will compete for the glory of play-in game contention though.This franchise is the definition of mid. I think they should move on from Bradley Beal and rebuild. The roster upside is nonexistent and it’s just a bunch of okay dudes.

    Anyways, the big story is the name changing of the Washington teamies (Shout out to Andy Kline of Three Guys On podcast). The Washington Commanders is a fine name in my opinion. I’ll get used to it easily because it’s not racist. This football organization still stinks as a staff, record label and motherfuckin crew. My next hope is for the Wizards to change their name again.

    Thank you for the show
    MIkey T

  5. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod,Karen & Justin

    Just wanted to thank Rod for the podcast episode recommendation with John Amaechi being interviewed on the Dan Le Batard show podcast. John was dropping bar after bar and the whole conversation was great food for thought!

    Also shoutout to Brian Flores for dropping his lawsuit against the NFL on the first day of Black History Month…lol, I know that’s right! This lawsuit is definitely going to be a game changer that has needed to happen for a loooong time! The allegations or hell – revelations depending on how you view them are extremely serious as well as revelatory.

    Not to speculate without evidence but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those other NFL coaches knew about how black candidates where treated during the interview process. I have learned in life to sometimes never underestimate how lowdown a person can be to the next person just to get their way.

    Thanks again you guys,

    Trey _Swindu744

  6. fyahworks

    What’s good Rod , Karen, & jashington commanders!

    1. Washington commanders? Just called them niggaz!

    There was a joke floating on Twitter that said they went from redskins to the people who killed the indigenous people! But it is what it is!

    2. I’ve always loved you guys “Y” stories. And i actually missed them. Hopefully one day the universe will allow you guys to play again in a safe way! I was wondering if you guys knew the origin story of the basketball game Utah, and how it came to be and why it’s called Utah? I find it to a weird name, but this question crossed my mind this week watching some clips of basketball on Instagram over the weekend

    You guys keep up the great work!

    Fyahworks. Out!

  7. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Can someone please explain this whole text thing between Bill Belichick and Brian Flores? I read the text chain in question, and it appeared to me that Belichick was not admitting to any form of anti-Black collusion on the part of the NFL owners, but rather, he misread the message that prompted him to reach out to Flores. Is my understanding of the texts and their possible implications off because everyone is acting as if these texts are some sort of smoking-gun, video evidence against the NFL. We all know the NFL is anti-Black in its hiring, but I don’t think this series of texts proves anything. IMO, the bigger story is the alleged pay-off to throw games that is also alleged in the lawsuit.

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