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2483: Rogan’s Reckoning

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Rod’s trip to NYC, Joe Rogan apologizes for using the n-word, Karen was right about the robot dogs, man who tried to burn down school gets probation, Florida man tries to take biracial child, Awkwafina quits twitter and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Bstar88

    Awkwafina has a line in one of her songs saying “your vag is frightening like Serena Williams”

  2. MiamiVice

    Hey Rod and Karen! Congratulations on the new job Rod, I wish you both much success. I have a comment about the Awkwafina portion of the episode. I am a bit torn on the situation. Internet trolls and overly aggressive people aside, I think how black culture has been treated in the past plays an important part on why certain actions rub many black people the wrong way. I think it is a bit unfair to act like everyone is overreacting. Not too long ago black people who spoke using the same vernacular were seen as ghetto, ratchet, and uneducated; actually it is still seen as such by many. So I can see how a non black person being accepted and getting opportunities using said vernacular rubs black people wrong. It seems like whenever black people do something cultural it is wrong, ghetto, uneducated, unprofessional, etc until someone non black does it. Such as Broderick braids. Was it not the NBA that made a big deal about black basketball players wearing cornrows and dressing too hip hop , thus they implemented a dress code based on said part of black culture? I could see how that could rub a black player the wrong way. Similarly we only have now been able to wear cultural black hairstyles as women without backlash.

    I do not know if Wu Tang Clan or The Last Dragon really mocks Asian cultures, granted I am not Asian, and I doubt it was the intent. Wu Tang Clan took their name from a Kung Fu movie and The Last Dragon didn’t do any faux Asian vernacular that I remember. Many black people love parts of Asian culture such as martial arts and anime and most times I’ve seen it used, it is not in a disrespectful way but in a way to pay homage or show support. Now if any of it considered disrespectful by Asians then I accept that and won’t argue otherwise because it is their right and they need not justify why something is offensive to them. Yet with black people are often given the same consideration. We always have to explain why something is offensive and often receive pushback on why we are wrong to be offended.

    As for KPop, there has even been many issues with anti black racism such as black face. Luckily they have started to address this. I do not believe black people have done this, I could be wrong, but it is not fair or accurate to dismiss concerns black people have whenever non black people participate in black culture.

    I was going to say more about the cultural exchange between black cultures but it would be too long lol. I do not think there’s too much backlash but it may be due to collaborations happening. Just an example Rappers collaborate with Dancehall and Afro Beats artists. Plus we share similar histories.

    Overall, I think cultural exchange can be good but people just need to be careful how it is practiced. You cannot judge black people too harshly given how black cultures have been treated historically and up to fairly recently. People can be sensitive and it should be understandable. In the case of black people, we can be hypersensitive at times because of our treatment. When you are accustomed to being disrespected and being the anti culture to the dominant culture, even with black culture technically being the most popular, people already have a skewed perception. Personally I don’t care about the Awkwafina situation but I get where it is coming from.

  3. JB_from_Harlem

    Welcome to NYC. Hope you can make it Uptown sometime and get yourself a chop cheese sandwich.

  4. JB_from_Harlem

    Hey Rod,

    Welcome to NYC. Hopefully when it gets warmer you can come Uptown get yourself a chop cheese sandwich from an authentic Bodega.

  5. Kyle

    The scaffolding confused me when I went to NYC in the late 1990s and I finally found out what the deal was via a show called How To with John Wilson, on HBO (home of famous writer Roderick Morrow). A piece of facade fell off a building and killed someone in 1979 and scaffolding became an industry there. The episode is pretty interesting.


    Also damn, I was just sitting at home relaxing after work when I got the Crowdcast app alert, and didn’t expect Rod and Karen to broadcast their private zoom session and make me cry listening to all the love and support you guys have for each other. Rod, of course listeners are not surprised by your HBO job. We would not be listeners if you both did not have so much amazing talent. You create many hours of content all year round with unmatched insight and humor. Both of you can handle any opportunities that you choose to take on. I look forward to seeing what the next chapter brings.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    I’ve been to NY 3 times and if the pandemic didn’t strike, more.
    The first time I was very pregnant and it was way too hot.

  7. Soundztastee

    When immigrants come to this country, historically they are encouraged (forced ) to assimilate to “American” culture. There is no problem when that is white culture but when someone picks up part of black culture it then becomes a problem…

  8. ApiafromGermany

    When you talk about the last dragon, what do you mean? The new animated movie ( beautiful) Or the fight movie I just learned about?

    I don’t listen to Joe Roggan. So much suspicious masculinity. He is way too sure of himself and doesn’t reflect enough. I tried a few episodes but no.

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