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2484: The Fear Of Not Trying

Rod and Karen discuss getting lost in NYC, dealing with Instacart, Covid testing, baseboard heating, Rod got in the Writer’s Guild, going to Hornets games, Coronavirus News and missing each other.

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  1. aguycalledjeff

    Who cutting them damn onions?!?! But for-real though, I’m so proud of y’all. I’ve been listening since 2012 when I was an art student in college, so I’ve been there for the layoff, the striking out on your own and starting premium, fearing it might not be successful, but we the fans believed in y’all sooo much, you tatted up brother! And for Karen, to see how your confidence has blossomed over the years has been so dope! I remember when you’d make jokes that would hit and be like, “sorry haHa! Couldn’t help myself!” Now you be dropping gems and KNOW they be killing ma’am! Had Kev on Stage, dying laughing, as you with so many of your guests. Striking out and hosting your own show, doing solo movie reviews, outshining podcasts with BUDGETS…if nothing else, tbgwt has been a testament to stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. So while it might be an adjustment, the support, the love, and the determination that y’all showcase day in and day out will hopefully adjusting a bit smoother.

    What’s funny is I started listening to y’all because I would watch Bomani & Jones on YouTube while working at my internship , then hopped over to the evening Jones and heard Rod up there one day. 10 years later, and I’m an international award-winning designer, and I’ll be watching Game Theory, hearing Rod’s writing. Hmm, funny how life plays out.

    This was a long one, but I don’t write in a lot, and y’all were due for some flowers anyway! And may those flowers bloom tall as shit cause y’all ain’t got no ceiling!

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    Repping the dun language…

    I’m dying.

    Rod in NYC is bringing me so much NYer joy. Lol.

  3. mikolbee

    I really appreciated the last part of this episode. I relate a lot to what you’re saying, Rod. I know that for me in a new situation, getting into a routine is key. I hope your in-person work also is a supportive place for you. Karen’s support for you reminds me how much I love and appreciate my own spouse. Sending love to you both!

  4. ReallyBadHatHair

    *weeps softly* I appreciate you both. You are SO stinkin cute. I really like how you’re able to be vulnerable and share with us all your relationship! Also, at the end of the episode it seems like someone was cutting too much onion in the house. <3 <3

  5. Sweetfeet

    For Target I would recommend using the Target app, they have their own delivery service if you are going to get something delivered. Maybe Instacart is different here in Brooklyn, I have used it a few times and have had men and women shoppers with no issue.

    And Google Maps is the app to use for walking in my opinion , but I’m a Android user so ‍♀️ lol

    I deeply appreciate you both Karen and Rod!!

    • Sweetfeet

      That was supposed to be a shrug emoji

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