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2485: Deadass

Rod and Karen discuss Karen’s workout, ordering the wrong portion from Instacart, Rod’s first day in the office, more NYC anecdotes, Coronavirus News, Kevin Hart gifts Nick Cannon a condom machine, sleep can help lose weight, cruise ships seized, Peloton lay-offs, Leslie Jones can comment on the Winter Olympics, couple homeless after renting a house, Spirit Airlines employee accused of theft, man leaves $200 for damages to home he broke into and sword ratchetness.

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  1. thewritin1

    I use loofahs, bath gloves, scrubbies, all that other stuff but I STILL have to have my old fashioned washcloth!

  2. mikolbee

    I voted yes in the poll, but I grew up calling it a “wash cloth”. A hand towel is something else to me: a towel that’s smaller than a bath towel but bigger than a wash cloth used to dry your hands after you wash them. I’m white and from New England so maybe that explains the difference in terms. (shrug)

    • thewritin1

      Same here. We called them washcloths or wash rags

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