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2487: White Patience Has Limits

Rod and Karen discuss the Super Bowl, Coronavirus News, Dollywood offering free tuition, Chicken wing news, Eric Adams is against drill music, Time Traveller claims NYC in for hard times in 27 years, Kanye West, Van Jones has baby with a friend, Wordle helps find kidnapped woman, man shoots up McDonald’s, man babysitting alligator and sword ratchetness.

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  1. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    First of all, I wanted to agree with ApiafromGermany – idk if “activists” is the right word, but, yes, niggas is losin jobs these days so you BETTA cover yo face because if a black co-worker or just a nigga that dont fuck with you RECOGNIZE you? Expect to be called into the boss’s office Monday. AS YOU SHOULD.

    Also, per the poll, I don’t watch football because I literally do not understand it, BUT that Halftime show? I screamed for 14+ minutes. It made my “wise” heart SO happy! Everyone did a great job, even “Fat 50”, CTFU. I even enjoyed 50 year old Snoop crip-walkin! 50 years aint gotta be old! Just…great show, really.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    Those white activists in the picture know how to mask up! But I think its more fear of being recognized than being responsible.

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