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PG 323: You Are Your Final Boss

Rod and Justin discuss Rod’s NY stay so far, Justin considering  a promotion, Janelle James and listener feedback.

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  1. rodimusprime

    What’s up pregame crew, I don’t have much to say but I wanted to recommend a documentary series on Showtime called “Everything’s gonna be all white”. It’s basically about the history of white people being evil to everybody not white in America. It kinda gives me “Exterminate All The Brutes” vibes where it mixes history with comedic elements making fun of white fragility. Lots of great cameos too. It kinda made me more fond of Amanda Seales. She was dropping gems.

    Also the Cosby doc on showtime is really good, too. I didn’t grow up watching Cosby so I learned a lot. My first Cosby memory that sticks out to me is the pound cake speech. I didn’t quite grasp how big of a black cultural icon he was. That nigga is a rapist first and cultural icon last, as far I’m concerned.

    The biggest takeaway I got from the documentary was that a lot of murhafuckas had to be enabling him. Ain’t no way he was doing all that raping without help/enablers. This nigga was regularly meeting with models in his dressing room of the Cosby Show with the door closed as a married man. He was doing shit like giving the fine guest actresses their own dressing rooms so he could “meet” with them. Meanwhile he put the male regulars in like storage closets on those days. No way in hell people working that show could’ve thought that was normal or appropriate. The thing that pissed me off in addition to the raping, was just how manipulative he was. He was doing shit like raping women and then inviting their parents to a live taping and taking them to lunch!!! That’s some real evil shit! Can’t wait for that nigga to die!

    Alright that’s all I got, peace

    P.S. Oh one more thing, there are niggas in that doc saying they STILL fuck with Cosby on some “nobody’s perfect” shit. I’m sure you can guess the race and gender smh

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