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BDS 433: We Walking Down Up Escalators

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, The Super Bowl, Simmons / Harden trade, 49ers roasted by McDonald’s employee, Lamar Odom shit in the bed, Alvin Kamara arrested in Vegas, bad conditions in Olympic quarantine, Brian Flores on Lovie Smith hiring, Antonio Brown running Donda sports, Bauer won’t be charged criminally, Jonathan Allen apologizes for wanting dinner with Hitler, Cam Newton on Brittany Renner, Tristan Thompson child support, Larsa Pippen on Scottie punishing her, Sydney Carter needs our support, Sha’Carri upset about Russian figure skater competing, Ciara and Russ leave party, Simone Biles engaged, Tristan hasn’t seen his son yet, Cowboys sexual harassment settlement revealed, Aaron Rodgers and Shailene call it quits, Adrian Peterson charges dropped in DV case, F1 news, Lebron runs from groupies and The Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen J. Hue Jackson,

    I hope all is well.

    I would’ve gone with Jart Briles but Jackson found a way burn two dumpsters so close to each other it looked like an Omniman re-entry crater. There is no reason for anyone to hire Art Briles other than *wanting to* hire Briles. Simple as that, so fuck Hue and everyone else involved in signing off on Briles’ hire.

    Dropping the news before Mardi Gras to bury the lede was quite a move…until Jackson’s foundation head tweeted about *possibly* committing tax fraud? Twitter has plenty of armchair lawyers and accountants but the foundation head’s tweet replies looked like a slew of actual lawyers and accountants saying they ain’t think that was the move, chief.

    Why’d they have to release that trailer for Game Theory if it ain’t coming out sooner?! I wanna see that show ASAPually. Congrats on the writing gig Rod and I can’t wait to yell “nigga” with like 30 g’s seeing the show.

    Hope y’all have a great weekend and thank you as always,



    Yooo Rod, Karen & Jod Manfred.

    Do y’all know who Annie Agar is? You know, blonde woman, does funny videos on NFL teams? Works for Bally Sports? Used to say racist, Trumpian shit as far back as 2013? Yeah, that last one…..yeahhh.

    Here’s the context: One day, nearly two weeks ago, at this point, she made a football tweet, in which, she shat on the Jaguars for the lulz. Then, whatever happened, be it, petty Jaguars fans or folks who had an agenda against “the woman of faith” since 2013, fried her like dumplings on a pan. She had a tweet apologizing for her actions & proceeded to not tweet until recently this week. Never had any beef with her, thought she was a funny lady, who does a good job with those videos. Didn’t know she was on that racism narcotic like that. Small part of me thought the dragging was funny & simply went about my day. Kinda shrugged it off, like, she’s probably not the only student who graduated from the Thom Brennanan’s School of being a “Person of Faith” in the world of sports.

    With journalists outchea openingly showing their racial blind spots, when it comes to Ukraine & Iran, let’s just say, to quote The Comedian from Watchman: “Just A Matter of time, I suppose”.


  3. fyahworks

    Salutations Rod, Karen & jall star weekend!

    Whew! What a weekend in Cleveland. There’s so much to unpack!

    First how you guys feel about target scores in the rising stars and Sundays all star game?

    I tend to like it cuz now the clock doesn’t play a factor. Shouts to the “Akron boys” for doing the damn thing. Steph dropping 50 with 16 3s, and lebron with the winning shot! But they say he isn’t clutch! Also speaking of lebron, how did you guys feel about his comments about Cleveland, saying the “doors not closed” but also kinda putting the league on notice about bronny. I personally would love to see a father son duo on a professional level but I feel he just added some immense pressure on his son, or has that much faith in him, to make it to the league and succeed.

    Also that dunk contest was horrendous! I’m hearing all these suggestions for using street ballers/dunkers for the dunk contest, which at this point may not be a bad idea after what we witnessed Saturday night! Shouts to Kat for winning the 3 point contest tho!

    Did you guys see MJ was lit off them drinks? He was very handsy and having a ball at the 75th anniversary celebration. It was quite a sight to behold! Him all over mary j blidge, hugging up luka and other players, talking shit to magic and Karl Anthony towns, it was even great to see the moment mj and lebron shared! It was a side of mj I haven’t seen in a while. It was nice to see all them legends in the building even tho some couldn’t make it. But I would have loved to see Kobe there and I’m sure that would have been a big moment if he was.

    Everyone made a big deal about KG and Ray Allen during the 75th presentation, as if all these niggaz was spending time all weekend and back stage before they came out! But in today era if you don’t see it on video or picture it ain’t happen or it’s beef! Kg was funny tho looking to the heavens as Ray Allen came out walked passed him and dapped up bron!

    Appreciate you guys even with the recent life changes!!!!

    Can’t wait for game theory

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

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