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  1. mizzbarnes

    And yes, dating out here is so rugged. It’s like your getting some else’s tragedies and baggage, but I will say overall, it taught me alot. I’m sure for alot of folks, it taught them ( and me as well) what not to put up with and that by the end of the day, I always have a choice, even it means being by myself. And being by myself is never a bad thing when the other choice is bullshit. One of many lessons I am learning at my tender young age 🙂

  2. mizzbarnes

    When dating, I had to set up a little system for myself. I send a text message to my team to let them know when I am going out, I have certain markers to let them know if the date is going good or bad. If it’s going bad, they know my location, I always meet in a public place, I go to resturants where I know the bartenders so they can see faces, just so many safety protocols as folks are different in this day and age of dating…smdh.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Getting my kids vaccinated already paid off. The preschool teacher at my son’s kindergarten got Covid.
    1. He didn’t get it.
    2. He doesn’t fall under quarantine requirements as he is fully vaccinated and can just keep living a instead of having to stay at home for a week.

    • ApiafromGermany

      By he I mean my 6 year old kid.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Rod I absolutely get your points about race records and you know your country better. Still you trust that they will be used more in a good way than for evil. When you say Nazis learned from the US why shouldn’t your racists learn from the original Nazis to harm black people on purpose with them.
    I know race is used in medical studies but this races further questions.
    I’m afraid to look up how it’s defined I those studies and if it’s just what you self report. ( my thoughts: can you just opt out like you said some coach does? Validity of this data? Questions about multi racial people and how to define them. And will they be happy with this definition? )
    I hope I don’t say something insulting by accident now I’m afraid)

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