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2490: Forgiving Joe Rogan

Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s day at work, getting packages, cleaning the tile off the bathroom, Coronavirus News, racist high school fans, Tesla racism accusations, India Arie accepts Rogan’s apology, FL woman steals TVs, perv teacher caught filming bathroom, 4th grader organizes for chocolate milk and sword ratchetness.

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  1. LayLoves

    Regarding pandemic dating; I’ve been over it. I live in an area where there’s an oddly strong contingent of black people who are antivaxxers and depopulation conspiracy believers–also, SUPRISE– very conservative ideologies that don’t jibe with how I show up in the world. It’s become too exhausting to deal with them and since I’m not relocating in the foreseeable future, I made use of your Adam and Eve promo code.

    Re: Rod’s NYC adjustment period, I can’t wait until you’ve got a comfortable routine down pat so that you can indulge in all the great food that the city has to offer. I’m from the tri-state area and the wealth of offerings is what my family misses most.

    My daughter was just there over the weekend and dined at one of our old faves and discovered a couple new faves. Karen, when you get a chance to visit, I predict a few episodes of Lip Smacking Good are gonna be made. You’ll have plenty to enjoy.

    I’m so excited for you both. Much love, Lay

  2. falsewings

    Re: on site child care – One of my mom’s old jobs had that, Computer Associates. They had a daycare center for newborns and mothers could take breaks to breastfeed. They also had a summer camp that was free if you used a vacation week to volunteer as a camp counselor (otherwise the price was a sliding scale depending on your salary). My mom said it was a really demanding and stressful job but people (including her) put up with it because the child care was so convenient and affordable. It was also available to everyone, not just the employees working in tech.

    But then the company did some shady shit and inflated its stock price. The CEO went to jail and they laid off a ton of people. But my mom looks back fondly on the child care perks.

    All this to say: if more companies had awesome childcare options (for people at all levels of the company), people would probably be willing put up with a lot of bullshit.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I wonder if video dating is fun. Maybe it is! I think it would make me feel safe to meet a potential partner on video first. To judge if is a safe person. And having the possibility to leave the situation any time. But also I hope I don’t ever have to date again. Mr Apia and I are in a 16 year old relationship and that’s great.

  4. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    I voted no in the poll because Rogan knew exactly what he was doing. You don’t call people Niggers and Apes repeatedly without knowing exactly what you are doing and the implications of it. I agree with India.Irie in her conversation with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. Irie said even if you look to give the benefit of the doubt, the repeated use of those words and phrases, especially given the context (he wasn’t challenging someone or questioning Black people about the impact of that language in them) leaves you with no other choice but to conclude racism, or at the very least a desire to benefit from connecting to other people’s racism. As is the case with his good buddy Chappell and his comments on transgendered people, Rogan will not change because this is how he truly feels and he will suffer no level of culpability for his actions; after all, he is a rich, white, man in America.

    • Law

      The mythical podcasting chimera, Roddenkaren! How y’all doing? I haven’t posted on the site much since Game of Thrones wrapped up, but I still listen to every episode!

      This Joe Rogan situation has me disappointed but I’m not shocked like many are. I started listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast faithfully around 2009, just a few years before I came across The Black Guy Who Tips after typing “Black podcast.”

      I thought Rogan had a great variety of guest with insightful conversations, and I always learned something. But he’d always say some shit that rubbed me the wrong way, and it was usually his selective tone-deafness on certain subjects.

      I don’t know whether or not Rogan is a racist, but he definitely has views that are rooted in racist ideology. A side effect of Whiteness, I guess. He also already acknowledged that this word is a Black word in the past multiple times, but he STILL chooses to keep playing stupid games when no real ones are in the room to check him. Rogan also seems to hang out with Black people who give him a pass, but those types of Black folk are usually toxic and dysfunctional themselves.

      This likely wouldn’t have been a huge thing if Rogan weren’t Anti-Vax. He simply pissed off the wrong White people with his nonsense so they’re betting on exploiting Black trauma as extra ammo.

      Anyway, I mostly just wanted to get back on this site and post something in 2022. Y’all stay up!

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