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  1. mizzbarnes

    Ok, So sadly, when the episode of 3GO aired about the email on the blackman-o-sphere, I was deep cleaning the house at the time and did not hear the actual feedback, only the response after, but I went back and heard it and it really had me feeling some sort of way. There is nothing wrong with a married perspective on dating, because guess what you had to do first before getting married……
    For the folks out here dating ( me included), it’s hard and the majority of what is out here either suck, fake online accounts or ( in my case) extremist groups..lol! It can get frustrating at times and that maybe where that feedback came from, however, it’s not an excuse. I would respect any insight that is genuine and comes from a good place. Besides, there are some great stories, like the hotel story that you shared at the live show. Anyhoo, keep the perspectives coming, as that is what I am here for 🙂

  2. ApiafromGermany

    I thought about it and now I recognized another reason why im critical about it.
    To minimize insult potential by talking about black people let’s take me as an example, and let’s say being German was an own race:
    1. Records: according to historic records im 100% German
    2. Looks: I don’t look German classic, people always ask me where I’m from and think I’m south eastern European or Greek.
    3. Biology: I’m not German at all according to my DNA.
    4. How I identify: I see myself as some kind of European with a big German influence ( my adult life is here, my husband is German classic)

    So I’m even confused about myself and that’s me, I should know best!

    • ApiafromGermany

      And if you think “who cares that’s all white” that’s not how the Nazis saw it.
      Thy regarded being German as being part of the Master race and all the others as less and wanted them to die or be servants.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    The records of German heritage are from the Nazi time if you wonder “how do you have records, you said you don’t keep them.”

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Very good point that you don’t know where your family is from and thats a negative effect of not keeping records. I will think about it. Yes we have “race ptsd” well said! My family comes from a part of Poland that used to be German on both sides and we have records of German heritage and that’d how we became German immediately when we immigrated many years ago. So to us personally the records helped. Funny facts: I did a 23 and me test, and I’m 80 % eastern European and 0 % west European. So if they went by that im 0 percent German by biology. The other parts are : south-east European, Irish and a small part Nigeria. I would really like to know this story, counted back by the percentage it had to be ca 170 years ago about the time of slavery in America. I dont think I will ever know.

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