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2496: For Colored Nerds Who Tip

Rod and Karen are joined by Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings of the For Colored Nerds Podcast to discuss our love for their show, that time Rod forgot to email them back (awkward), how Brittany and Eric met, starting their podcast, dealing with criticism as Black creatives, the dynamics of creating The Nod, working with a team, creating a show on Quibi before Quibi shut down, going through their podcast negotiations in public and what they’re working on now. This was a fun conversation that was long in the making. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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  1. logan2x1

    Hey y’all!
    Great episode, but I got so excited when Brittany said she watched The Gilded Age on HBO! My sisters and I love it too! There are Black people on the show and they’re the only people I’m rooting for! Karen, I think you’d really like the character Peggy. If period dramas aren’t your thing I understand. But once my eldest sister and I got our baby sister to start watching! The tea we share, the giggles, the Black joy.
    Thanks for once again putting us on, I didn’t know about the For Colored Nerds Podcast.


  2. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    I just wanted to say how great this episode with Brittany and Eric from the For Colored Nerds podcast was and how great the conversation went. This was great to hear how you learned from each other and how it was ok to try stuff out with your respective podcasts. I also loved the convo on black art and it not having to represent one TYPE of black person .

    It’s sad a lot of times that we as black people don’t just give-shit-a-chance, before just swiftly saying it’s trash. A lot of the time I have learned to say “ hey this is probably not for me ‘ and then move on from it , without tearing it down to shreds. It’s ok to like what you like of course but at the same time it’s always better to give shit a chance because that’s the only way that black creatives get to continue to CREATE! But anyways a great conversation thanks for that yall!

    Also congrats on Game Theory Rod I can’t wait to watch on March13th and support you all!

    Thanks again

  3. Langston

    I’m about 20 minutes in and I wanted to put this here before my ADHD brain forgets. I absolutely hate when people on the timeline complain about a thing. Right now I’m thinking of the new Pokémon games that were announced. Like okay man you decided the game is trash based on a 2 minute trailer and the new starters, we get it! I’m so tired of it T-T
    -Sorry for the rant

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