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2497: TGIF Walking Dead

Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead

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  1. EvieE

    The commonwealth for sure has some class issues but considering what this group has been through this is by far the best situation they’ve been in. I would coon so hard to stay in the commonwealth. Yes I only get rice and beans while the rich get mangos and champagne but massa only beats us on a Tuesday.

    Sebastian can just die already.

    Also I feel bad for wanting Henry to die. It’s clearly taken a toll on Carol and Zeke. I wish they hadn’t killed him.

    Siiiiiike. Fuck that lil nigga

  2. BigTime

    Thanks for recapping this season! I think Tomi was living the z-poc exactly how I would. Why would I want a stressful job that people depend on when I can just chill and bake/eat sweets all day. I’m interested to see how the 1% lives in the commonwealth. With all the basic needs of safety, shelter, food, and soap taken care of how much balling can you really do in a Z-poc?

  3. fyahworks

    Hey rod and Karen. Thank you for hanging in there with the recaps! Y’all making it fun. Y’all should have named this recap episode disgusted! Lol!

    Personally, I don’t trust Milton, fuck her punk ass son and I don’t trust Hornsby! I totally agree Hornsby coming for that top spot! Princess, I love, she brings comedic relief in a sense! Rod I have to agree with you! Shorty with the glasses, the secretary is “Stephanie”! I was shocked to find out she was Mercer sister though. Do you and Karen feel Daryl just tired of fighting groups and just wanna live “normal” or do you think him and Maggie have a bigger plan up their sleeve?

    This episode at the end definitely gave me insurrection vibes when they found all that shit behind the wall. The only thing missing was Jan 6! Or Commonwealth for trump on it!

    Enjoy the recaps! I’m here till the end

    Fyahworks out!

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