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SMR 389: The Batman

Rod and Karen review DC’s latest comic book movie “The Batman.” We also discuss trailers and your feedback.



    If they cut 15-20 minutes, fixed some of the lighting, provided some better choreography with some of the fights, The Batman could easily rival The Dark Knight for crown as the best Batman movie. However, Matt Reeves gave us a compelling detective story that does enough to hook you for three hours.

    I’m really glad I saw this in Dolby for my second viewing, as it allowed me to become more immersed in the whole experience overall. Robert Pattinson, most certainly, has grown as a performer & that growth is demonstrated here. Zoe Kravitz is equally. The whole cast is top-notch from start-to-finish. Rod, you made a good point on Catwoman, who keeps taking her mask off during parts of this movie. It wasn’t enough for me to take points off, but for consistency sake, it definitely became overkill. I liked the score a lot here from No Way Home’s Michael Giacchino. The music is very noir. Never has a Batman film felt that very, not even the Nolan films evoked that feeling in score or atmosphere. Reeves definitely has a vision that his contemporaries didn’t grasp as they did their Batman interpretations, but as they do more movies & clean up some of the issues from this one, it definitely can be definitive.

    The Batman is certainly a flawed very good or great movie, because of how it’s all structured in characters & pacing. There’s a lot to like & things you can revise or improve for later movies. My expectations for movies are usually in the middle for self-preservation, but I was admittedly mum on this, until, Bats unfortunately had to deal with Peter Saarsgard’s corrupt character’s head being blown off & being unconscious. At that point, I realized the flow of the film. Also, after looking at Paul Dano’s coonin’ ass, singing Ave Maria like a spoiled brat in prison, I need to watch more of his movies. I’ve only seen a few, but that man can act! Really good film. Could be something more in the future with later installments.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    I give this film a three out of five. It was too long and needed some work, but it has promise.

    One thing that I really liked but I have not seen mentioned by many was the juxtaposition between the initial scene with Bruce and Alfred to the last scene between the two. We went from Bruce telling Alfred quite bluntly that , “You are not my father,” to the scene after Alfred nearly died when Bruce is fighting back tears talking about there was only one other time in his life that he felt that level of fear and anxiety as he held Alfred’s hand was both touching and a moment of growth. Bruce having to confront the fact that yes, Alfred may work for him, but he is also his parent, the parent his parents chose for him, whom he almost lost, worked well with Bruce’s realization that he could not go through life simply being “Vengeance.”

  3. logan2x1

    Hey y’all!
    Overall I liked this movie, it was a fun ride, slightly nostalgic, and at times funny. Glad you mentioned the music because that rift reminded me of Batman The Animated Series. I’m wonder if the composer was inspired by it and just made it sound darker and more intense? It was also hard not to notice some of RPat’s acting quirks from Twilight, some of them made me audibly laugh in the theater. Like the grimace he directs towards Selina when he thinks she’s Falcone’s side piece; it just made me picture Edward as Batman.
    I didn’t think they were trying to portray a “love” between Batman and Catwoman just raw sexual attraction. It was so intense so fast, it didn’t seem like love to me.
    Zoe did a great job and she looked amazing on screen. And Jeffrey Wright was giving major Zaddy vibes with his deep ass whisper talking.
    Or maybe my perviness had to be redirected elsewhere because Robert Pattison looked like gollum’s younger brother in this movie! Andy Circus all up in this movie and RPat took it as an acting note. I know he said he didn’t work out for this role, but damn. All those damn shots of his bare back could have been cut. I whisper yelled at my husband when the second shot of his back happens and said “REALLY NO ABS? None!?”
    And them darkening his hair made him seem even paler! His natural hair color would have been dark enough.
    I like this Riddler, they had to find a way to make the character’s ridiculousness relatable and nothing is more ridiculous and scary than incels.
    I look forward to how they progress the character in future films. I knew Rob could do it, but I did find it amusing the way some folks were brooding about this movie. It reminded me about my skepticism when Christian Bale was casts as Batman. I had only seen him in his earlier works that were more romantic or lighthearted. Then a friend showed me Psycho and Equilibrium and I was all in.


  4. Selester63

    I enjoyed the gritty realistic take on the characters and this world.

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