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2501: Eugeniana Jones

Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead

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  1. Sean

    Thanks for the show guys, really enjoying this last season of TWD. I definitely would back a Eugene & Princess detective drama… after Eugene marries Stephanie and Princess marries Mercer they will be siblings to boot!

    There is one correction for this episode, however. The Japanese term もっと(motto) does not mean harder, it means more. Just wanna give you a heads up so when you walk into a McDonald’s in Japan and a kid says “motto chodai” you understand that he is asking for more fries. Also, the term ぶっ掛け (bukkake) means to pour on top. The most common use of this term in Japan is bukkake udon, which is a noodle dish that you pour the soup on after ordering. The number of visitors to Japan who snicker when they see that dish has increased in the last several years, not sure why…

    That concludes your clarifying porn Japanese terms lesson for today.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to your reactions to TWD each week.

  2. HvyWght

    I started this episode taking bets on how fast we’d get the “Rod was right” music! I gotta give credit cause when you said it, I saw the merit especially based on how Mercer’s sister looked at Eugene and purposely avoided speaking to him when he bumped into her. But, I, like you, was right at the point of thinking that was something I read too much into. Then they dropped the Guarantee Joker on us this episode. I also thought I might have been too cynical when Eugene said he Loved “Stephanie” and she mumbled it back through gritted teeth and I felt something was wrong, but I see that was a choice by the show. I’m really interested to see what the endgame is here, because this is a lot of plotting and strategy and “cloak and dagger” and I can’t see the benefit, yet. Either way, I’m here with y’all for the ride! Thanks for the recaps!

  3. BigTime

    Thanks for recapping! I enjoyed this episode. Y’all were right about Stephanie and it’s too bad Eugene had to get his heart broken like that. Better Call Saul was giving me Eli Pope vibes in that last encounter. I can’t believe this nigga is running a bootleg B613 operation in the Commonwealth. I think he had that trooper placed in their version of inpatient care for his suicide ideation and that allowed him to keep an eye on him and discredit anything he said as a response to trauma. He probably had to disappear the trooper if the trooper was gonna snitch on his B613 operation.

  4. Angela

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Thanks so much for the recaps. You guys are how I watch the Walking Dead. I love hearing y’all’s descriptions of the episodes and your theories. Also, you laugh at the same parts I find funny. Better Call Saul was hilarious. His reaction to Eugene was iconic.

    Thanks for all of the great shows. I have to say I was surprised to see the show notification TPS said what a lot of us were thinking. We know you will do the best for your health and rest but we do worry. I am glad you and Karen and doing so well. Congrats on your premiere tomorrow! I am so excited for you both!


  5. logan2x1

    I don’t think Mercer is part of the resistance, but I do think he had something to do with that list. He’s probably tired of folks going missing and having his authority undermined. And our group is cautious enough to be asking the right questions.

    When Mercer’s sister said she was the one who had spoken to Eugene, I said Rod is going to cue up the music. I did not see that coming. I don’t see what the deal is when old dude creating a shadow organization and tricking Eugene that way. Alexandria was in dire straights and needed help. It might have taken a bit longer to gain their trust, but switching out “Stephanie’s” and letting Eugene fall in love was cruel.

    Well let’s see how deep this conspiracy goes, pass me the red string.


  6. EvieE

    I think Mercer knows the system well and is in the resistance to overthrown Pamela Milton. We shall see. I agree that the Eugene detective show is the spin off we need. No one asked for a Maggie and Negan spin off. Not one person. Maggie can walk off a Cliff for all I care. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Princess and Mercer sitcom though. That would be funny.

    Rod you were definitely on to something with Max really being Stephanie and I was with you because the show runners have been very good casting POC. And keeping them the same race as they were in the comic. Stephanie for sure was a sister in the comic so I was always looking at the other chick as a fraud. I’m excited to see what happens next.

  7. fyahworks

    What’s happening y’all!

    Gotta say better call Saul & Eugene was ACTING this episode. Towards the end of this recap you guys kinda confirmed how I felt about where this is heading! At first I felt like “Maggie what is you doing baby? “ you chose poverty?? But I guess she got that feeling in her gut that this is too good to be true! Like we join y’all at what cost?? I guess time will tell, but as all other groups our group comes across, something always goes left! Just waiting for the other shoe to drop

    Until next time

    Appreciate y’all

    Fyahworks out

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