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2502: A 5 Cumrags!

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. BigTime

    Congratulations on the show! I love the segment on the dookies. I’ve watched it twice cause it was that damn funny and thoughtful. As a nigga from Durham I have hated them my whole life. I was born to hate them dookies. I always thought this was a family decision made a couple generation ago once Dean was hired and Dean helped desegregate the acc (and local businesses in the area), supported the first Black mayor of Chapel Hill, and absolutely hated racist ass Jessie Helms —— all of this was well before my time because I was born in 1990 so unfortunately all I experienced were them white dookies winning and legitimizing them self’s as our rivals. I understand the Black Durham folks who are blue devil fans cause Duke is the largest employer in the city and has taken over our healthcare system ( for better and worse), but I still jokingly call them uncle tom’s, sellouts, Sheldon Williams, and coons in discussions. They will not let me forget Hubert’s comment about his wife. Of course everybody revisits the clip and think he decided to talk about his family out of nowhere, which is true, but in response to nearly every question in the hour long press conference he needlessly brought his family, Dean Smith, or God into all of his responses because those are the greatest influences in his course of life. This was an emotional day for him he cried throughout the interview as his dream came true. So I think I understand how he said it and what was meant but also folks just want to laugh and joke at uncomfortable shit like this sometimes so it ain’t always worth explaining and it ain’t something I can really defend. I was privileged enough to attend a lot of UNC basketball camps when I was young and one that I really enjoyed was Hubert Davis’ camp— I am a bit more informed and biased. Anyway, Thanks for the podcast and the walking dead recaps. I have enjoyed writing in each week and hope I can continue to have time to keep up with the finale season. All my friends stopped watching years ago so I really appreciate the recaps by y’all!

  2. Jwan Allen

    Watched it twice, my DVR cut off the last 4 min. so I immediately ran it back on HBOMAX. Great Job to everyone involved. Directv, get your stuff together!

  3. Svage

    I watched the show, I have a feeling Rod had a big hand in the naming the different museum exhibits, I was laughing all throughout that section.

    I’m hopeful the show finds its footing, I liked the second half of the episode more than the first, I think the show suffers from not having a live audience to have real time laugh reactions. Being able to hear the crew laugh at a joke in the second half helped a TON. If there’s room mics to pick up the sound of the crew I’d say raise the volume on them a bit so we as an audience also laugh when they laugh. Like I said good job on the first episode I’ll be watching the second episode when it drops

  4. TanyaW42

    Hi Rod and Karen, I forgot to post this last week, but you talked about it again on this episode so I’ll post it here. Rod talking about the serious porn reviews he and his friend would laugh about reminded me for some reason of Hatin’ Ass Terrell Jones’ comments on the Baller Alert posts, totally nuts, but so hilarious!!

  5. ApiafromGermany

    About COVID-19
    Everyone had now the chance to get vaccinated here, if they didn’t they made their choice
    I can’t be more worried about them that they are about themselves.
    Maybe they are not so much about living anymore, that’s also a choice.
    Having had it I absolutely think omicron can take you out if you are not vaccinated.

    It went like this. On a Friday I started to feel strange. Weak, loss if smell and taste, hot. ( not in the sexy way)
    On Saturday something changed, I felt my body doing something else and all the weird symptoms went away and it was only a mild cold. I read it up and this happens when your body notices it has the antibodies against it and starts to use them .
    It was if I had 2 diseases a strange one that made me weak for maybe 20 hours and a cold for the next 3 to 4 days. I had no symptoms at all the last day I was positive.
    Without the vaccine I don’t know how this had gone! And I’m very healthy and fit/ not a smoker, no risk factors.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    About the single refugees from other countries: I was afraid because they were men first.
    That they were from other countries second.
    I wasn’t raped in my life luckily but I had many unpleasant situations where someone tried to stop me from leaving.
    So I was afraid to interact at first.
    And the question is also why did only men come? Probably not because it was so great for women in Afghanistan.
    More because women didn’t have their own money or the freedom to leave their families without permission. Or because their families thought it’s more important for their sons to survive.

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