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2506: Double Flames Dracarys

Rod and Karen discuss drinks with LGBTQ news, KBJ’s confirmation hearing, the CROWN Act, Jane Campion and sword ratchetness.

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  1. TanyaW42

    Regarding the poll, it’s complicated — I didn’t know, but I’m also not shocked.

  2. Mdiarra

    Lol Im so glad that the Crown act passed! It was again Unanimous with all Democrats and im surprised some republicans joined in tbh. I wonder if Republicans are gonna filibuster this. Idk why they would even vote against this bill except for racism. But both sides are the same or whatever folks keep telling me.

    Also in regards to KBJ its obvious they have nothing to even ding her on so theyre just wilding. It should be embarassing and honestly if we had a media that would be quick to say that this whole line of questioning was embarassing, and we shouldn’t even allow these republican questioning to be aired.

    Can’t wait to have her confirmed. def throwing a party when she does. Cause my god is she impeccable.

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