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2505: Nut Milk

Rod and Karen discuss the second episode of Game Theory, hanging with co-workers, juicing, cooking, Coronavirus News, Arby’s diss to McDonald’s and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mary

    I really related to Karen talking about starting to get out of the Covid Funk. The last two weeks I finally found myself feeling kind of like my usual self. Because I’m an introvert and could WFH and other factors, I thought I was handling the pandemic pretty well and don’t even think I knew I was in a funk until recently. But I finally made social plans to see friends I haven’t seen in like two years. I am going back to the office two days a week and turns out I don’t mind kind of being around the buzz of where I work in this limited time since I work in a really dope part of LA. I am still totally wearing my mask at the store, and I’m not planning on going to parties or doing anything wild, but I do find myself getting out more and dressing up even. Shoot, I put on lipstick the other day — I haven’t worn lipstick in two years because of that mask! I feel a little lighter. Thank god for this MF vaccine. Thanks for the great shows and taking us along for the ride. Mary

  2. mizzbarnes

    First, lemme roll my eyes at the show art, second, to add an answer to the Spotify quote, when watching Breaking Bad, I did imagine that the chicken was banging!!! Golden, crispy fried, juicy and delicious like Publix fried chicken. I would STAN Los Pollos Hermanos!!!!

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